LeadSpitter_ wrote:
- Can we get some french aircraft since they will
- probally be overmodeled too being olegs french and
- russian, we need something that can fight against
- the russian planes and have effective weapons both
- mgs and cannons.

- Morane-Saulnier MS405/406
- Potez 630
- bloch 150 151 and 152
- bloch 155
- H. 75
- Cauldron-Renault CR 714 Cyclone
- Dewoitine D.520
- Arsenal VG 33

OK so i presume you are taking the P*ss

but as i have said before and was mentioned above i truly feel the battle of france is a forgotten battle - even in britain which is geographically next to france and even fought in the battle of france. - not only is it a forgotten battle but a forgotten battle which was an incredible event - i don't think anyone at the time thought what happened would have been possible (i think even the germans were surprised!)

therefore i would be nice to see at least some of the following - as it seems their numbers and victories are more than quite a few of the planes already featured in FB:

LeO 451 Equipped 8 first line groupes - considered frances best bomber to see combat. -used as bomber and transport by allies in N. Africa in 1942 (while spares lasted)
2,000Kg Bombload, 1 x 20mm cannon (dorsal) 1 x 7.5mm mg forward/upward

Amiot 143 Bomber - 138 built - all saw service despite being antiquitated - they were very resilient. raids included 197 night raids, dropped 338,626 lbs of bombs for loss of 4 aircraft
800Kg Bombload(external), 4 x 7.5mm mg

Potez 630/31/33 208 fighter bomber delivered before capitulation (5 fighter squadrons, 2 naval and numerous smaller units)
4 x 50Kg Bombload(external),12 x 7.5mm mg ( 3 fixed-fuselage, 4 wings,3 fixed aft,2 flexible rear)

Breguet 690 light attack bomber 224 delivered before capitulation - fought well during invasion.
29 aerial victories
8 x 50Kg Bombload(external),1 x 20mm cannon (forward) 2 x 7.5mm mg forward, 1 x 7.5mm mg rear defence

MS406 (Already modelled) - most numerous french fighter at outbreak of war and german invasion - swiss modifications of 406 were kept in service until 1959!
1 x 20mm cannon (through hub) 2 x 7.5mm mg in wings

Bloch 153 Although (Bloch 150) started badly (protype couldn't fly until bigger engine and wings were used!) the Bloch was considered a good aircraft although difficult to fly.593 were delivered by the time of capitulation equipping 8 G/C'S although it saw limited combat.
2 x 20mm cannon, 2 x 7.7mm mg or 4 x 7.5mm mg

Dewoitine D520 one G/C equipped by may 10 - another 4 G/C in time to combat luftwaffe - more were around but not in front line service. 108 confirmed victories 39 probables, for loss of 100 (including accidents/ground strafing) - considered superb fighter.
1 x 20mm cannon (through hub) 4 x 7.5mm mg in wings

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