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    Its really too bad they couldn't give us troop columns on foot with horses or donkeys. I recently was making missions around the Kokoda Track in New Guinea. Although it is modelled on the map, it gives you a very nice road cut right through the jungle. Historically speaking(from what i have read about it), this Track was innaccessible by truck and the Aussies had to cut their way thru with machetes and haul supplies in by donkey and hired locals. I wound up having to use truck columns. Sheesh!
    History is re-written! Jungles had roads and no people were killed in WWII. Now if you will excuse me, my 13 year old needs the pc to beat up ******s and shoot cops in GTA. LOL
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    You'll find a lot of objects have crew, likes ships and vehicles columns.

    But I don't think you can kill any of these. Like, when you destroy a ship AA gun, the crew simply disappears.

    The gore=1 feature is also removed, for the few planes that once supported it.

    Just the parachuting pilot you can kill, which confuses me to no end.
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    Personally, I think it's a Frame rate issue. Oleg warned that some of us may have to turn down the graphics settings to eliminate the gun crews on the ships in lue of game performance. Imagine the hit it would have on fps with divisions of infantry moving around and shooting on the ground.

    Remember the hit we got from all the AA and AAA before the Dev's reduced the smoke trails of the rounds and gave us the ability to adjust ROF? And NOW you want to add infantry on the ground shooting?

    Obviously some people don't know how to use their imagination.
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    Salute FF-Trozaka...

    From my own Post I submitt my opinion from the post I made in Oleg's Ready Room. Here is part of that post. The link can be accessed here:


    "Salute Bananimal65!

    I am also hopeful that Oleg and his development team will take into account those of us who would really like to have the "events during simulation" revolve around a visual pilot. I dont want to sound critical on this issue, but the one thing missing in the IL2 series is probably the most important of all... The Humans! I would also like to note that during mission loadup that the Human is the Last thing loaded, not that he is valued as such a low priority object I hope... LOL!

    It would be my highest hope that with the new engine in BoB, We would be able to move around within the simulation using our Pilot. Everything would revolve around him as it would in a FPS sim. Let him be able to be somewhat unique for each player so that we could give him "skins" using different Faces/Nationalities/Medals & Ribbons/Uniforms, etc.

    Let the Pilot be somewhat animated and give him/her the ability to walk around, gesture to others, climb into aircraft, bail out, be injured/killed, hide, control the aircraft, fire weapons, crawl and walk around in bombers, drive vehicles and tanks, swim, fire personal weapons such as sidearm's and so on!

    The immersion of the sim will not be complete without the inclusion of the humans

    Colonel BM357_Fuser
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    It makes sense from a perfromance stance not to have infantry. however, you wont be able to see the infantry (size/cammo) unless you are close to the ground. so they wouldnt have to be rendered until closer in. it sure would demand a lot from your pc. maybe specific missions where the only focus is to bring support, drop a bomb/strafe em.
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    ...oh Boy, threads discussing people in the game usually get shut down. I agree totally with this great game needing people. It offends many on this board to discuss it but to see even limited amounts of activity would really add to the immersion, in my opinion.

    I know the PC would take a hit on frames...so?, some may want it, some may not, OPTIONS !!!

    I think it would make a great add-on, lots of details to turn on or off. We will have it in the next couple of years...oh yes.

    Ok time to get back to the arguing, glad to see some like the idea though.

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    Forget people, what about the wildlife. I demand antelope and jungle dwelling orang-utang.
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    I'm a virtual fighter pilot by heart, not so much a ground pounder or bomber.

    I don't see any achievement for myself in killing the poor footsloggers of any nation.
    I remember my grandfathers stories about US Jabos shooting them up, wounding one of them, maybe thats why.

    Infantry was in the first release of Red Baron II and Flying Corps Gold and Mig Alley where they would even run around burning when subject to a Napalm attack.
    Call it hypocritical, or far from reality but I never enjoyed killing little men. Wrestling down or surprising the "other" aircraft, yes.

    Besides think of the game engine and how it would brake down even good systems if done convincingly.
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    my point is more of a historical accuracy observation. the same company who says they will not give us an airplane (kate as example) because they can't get enough documentation to make a gauge panel that would be historically accurate for it would have you believe that you could just jump in a truck and drive from Port Moresby on a well manicured road to the opposite coast. AFAIK this just was not so. There are many, many instances in the Pacific War where trucking supplies anywhere was impossible. The only way was by pack animal or carrying it by hand.
    I just find it curious that they are so adamant about historical accuracy of aircraft panels but will readily "fudge" the historical accuracy of maps and how things really were done.
    I not complaining, mind you, i love the sim, i just find some of these discrepancies odd.
    (backhanded Kate whine, lol)
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    Look, a jungle tranportation infrastructure whiner
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