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my point is more of a historical accuracy observation. the same company who says they will not give us an airplane (kate as example) because they can't get enough documentation to make a gauge panel that would be historically accurate for it would have you believe that you could just jump in a truck and drive from Port Moresby on a well manicured road to the opposite coast. AFAIK this just was not so. There are many, many instances in the Pacific War where trucking supplies anywhere was impossible. The only way was by pack animal or carrying it by hand.
I just find it curious that they are so adamant about historical accuracy of aircraft panels but will readily "fudge" the historical accuracy of maps and how things really were done.
I not complaining, mind you, i love the sim, i just find some of these discrepancies odd.
(backhanded Kate whine, lol) <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

I understand your desire for accuracy, but we have to keep in mind the limitations of the engine and OUR PC systems. In order to adaquitly protray gound troops within the game AI must be programmed into the squads for movement and laying down small arms fire. The engine would also have to calculate this, along with casualties taken by the squads, in order to define whither we get a mission accomplished or failure.

Another thing to remember that it was hard for the ground troops to see IJ infantry in the real war because of the dense jungle. The Japanese apparently were masters at cammoflaging themselves and their war machinery. Allied forces didn't see the enemy allot of times until the Japanese fired on them from only a few yards away. On the larger Islands of the Pacific, IJ infantry usually didn't put up much resistance against Allied beach landings, often retreating into the mountains where they were a real pain to root out of their caves. It also gave them the high ground advantage.

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