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    static Object #288 morter crew

    There are also some armed bunkers that could pose a problem for advancing columns on beachheads and inland advances. Not to mention artilary pieces and MG nest.

    From the air, I doubt that you'll be able to see troops anyway. I have enough trouble spotting armor and artilary. LOL
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    Whaat? Because of an age rating?

    IL2, from what I've seen, has been well liked by an older audience who appreciate WW2, the aircraft that were in them, and by what I feel as a higher intellect of individuals.

    Yet, when I went to Gamestop I saw nothing but teenaged kids and younger buying GTA San Andreas which consists of the player pointing a shotgun at a bystander and blowing him to bits.
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    ratings are the resons why there is so much terrorims in the world
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    All the guns are crewed now as well, it clearly cannot be ratings.

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    strafe a troop transport truck convoy...soldiers will sometimes get out and "run for the hills"
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    Call of duty:UO is rated the same. and you can use a flame thrower to torch people, shoot people in the eye, and down south.
    A flight sim without death? strange, and if you think that they decided to not put soldiers into the game for rating reasons a) some games you can turn on parental controls, i.e. no gore b) the target market for flight sims is over then the age it would be restricted to.

    i like to practice against fighters and then a whole bunch of para-planes,fill them up and use them for target practice you can see em all up out and the plane twists in flames toward the ocean.

    first person shooter have the same rating. i want to see people get hit by .50 cals, big bombs, and rockets!

    get some, get some! ahahah!
    how do you shoot women and children? (wouldnt be allowed in a game)
    easy you just don't lead em so much.
    aint war hell, haha!

    You Dont Get A Scar Like This From Eating Pineapple
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    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>i want to see people get hit by .50 cals, big bombs, and rockets! <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    Go join the Army.
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    The real reason is probably not the rating but the CPU and graphics requirements. A reasonable batalion (and target) is about 1000 men. A regiment or division about 3-10 times larger. Modeling a reasonable sized battle is way beyon what is possible with todays technology.

    Also note that for every tank or AC there are probably 100 persons in the battlefield. Pretty hard to accomodate that in a large scale scenario.

    I think some troops have been added in PF namely crews arming guns.

    The rating is not part of problem. However, remowing the "hakenkreuz" from the German AC are. The Russian version appearently ships with it.


    PS. Horses are actually more important since they where reasponsible for the majority of the transport at the Eastern Front.
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    imo i think we should get troops, it would add great imersion & i dont think it would affect the age rating at all because we have troops manning the guns on carriers/battleships & they are able to be shot at an destroyed so what diffrence would it make if troops were running accros the ground?
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    The reason is ratings (and remember different countries have different laws) as anyone who has been at this a few years will tell you.

    The things like crewed mortars have slipped in without anyone official noticing. The important thing as far as ratings are concerned is that you see no dead bodies and that you are attacking a mortar or ship, not the people.
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