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    AC3 -- Broken Trust PS3 glitch?

    Hey all,

    Apologies if this has already been answered, I looked and found plenty of info regarding the issue, I just couldn't find anything in the way of an answer.

    I'm new to the AC franchise, and being a total history nerd the American Revolution setting especially sunk the hook. To this point I was solidly a convert. With 53 hrs invested into this I'm afraid my next step will be selling the game and giving up on it completely which is completely disheartening.

    Can anyone help me out of the Broken Trust mission? I've noticed on multiple boards there's some sort of glitch. I've done everything more times than I can count, at the very least is there a way out of it. I'll backtrack an earlier mission, skip it if needed, whatever. It just continuously resets me to the timed beginning. If the answer is "no" then that's it back to the store it goes, and I will never again invest time or MONEY on a Ubisoft game.

    This is really a shame because overall the game was gorgeous, beautifully put together and fun to play to this point. I'm prepared to spend another 50 hrs playing but not at the expense of my sanity, patience and stress. Help me out Ubisoft.
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    You will have to give more detail regarding your issues, for my self I've had no problems with any missions. and sellign the game due to a glitch is no reason to sell it, just saying. I love history to!
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    Same here. I've been trying to pass this sequence for 3 days now and I can't see any solution than giving up all together.
    The problem I'm having is that it proves tricky to kill the three messengers without falling off your horse and even if succeed, it proves impossible to catch up the 5th messenger.
    I'll probably reload the last memory and keep doing all missions in NY and then stop playing.
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    You need a pair of guns. Use one to shoot the first Bluecoat you meet, the one on the ground, then carry on, making sure you're reloading as you go.

    Use the guns to kill two out of the next three you meet, then use quickfire on the bow to stop the third shooting you. Just keep shooting and he'll die fairly quickly.

    Then head on, again reloading as you go. When you reach the 5th messenger, hit quickfire as soon as you get the outline round him. You should be able to just do it in time.

    Get some practise with both sprinting on the horse and also shooting on the move and you should get there in the end.
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    1st messenger: shoot with arrow
    2nd: gallop next to him with hidden blades equipped and then press assassinate (Connor will jump onto the other horse automatically)
    3rd: shoot with gun or bow
    4th: shoot with gun or bow (can't remember if pison works on horseback)
    5th: anything but gun is fastest

    Don't hesitate to pause the game between kills to gather your wits and form a strategy, if needed.

    P.s. The most important thing was mentioned already: gallop whenever possible (about 3 second cooldown).
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    AC3 broken trust - WiiU impossible

    tried that too.. there is a month I am trying to complete this... gun in the first with horse running, horseback attack in second, gun in third, arrow in 4th... when I am about to get the last he reaches the soldiers group.... the problem is not the time... the last one reaches the group when I still have 40 secs left...
    I see it working pretty fine in youtube with other consoles... maybe its a WiiU only problem ?
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    Edit: Just replayed the mussion. The last rider always reaches the camp around the :40 part. So we really only have 2:20 to complete this part.

    1. I think you should kill the targets in this order: arrow for 1st (hold to button for 2.5 seconds to get maximum dmg), horse assassinate for 2nd, charge arrow for 3rd, pistol for 4th, pistol for 5th. French Coat pistols are best (carries 2 shots and high dmg).
    2. Spur the horse whenever possible (3 second cooldown)
    3. Try not to bump into any trees/rocks, doing so will cost 1-3 seconds on the timer because the horse comes to a halts. Pay speciall attention to this rule when chasing the last rider. There's a small leeway though, you can still make this mistake 1-2 times and still reach the last rider in time.
    4. If all goes well you can reach the last rider with 1:20ish remaining.
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