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    Check out this site
    Here are the specifications for the FW-190

    Empty weight.......... 600 - 620 lbs
    Max Gross weight..... 900 - 920 lbs
    Wing Loading....... 12 lbs/ sq ft.
    Cruise Condition..... 135 MPH @ 3.2 GPH
    Wide Open Speed...... 165 MPH
    Stall Speed.... 55 MPH 2-degree
    Note: twist stalls wing smoothly with no obvious tendency to fall off on either wing

    Approach & Pattern Speed....... 70 - 75 MPH
    Take Off Run......... 800 - 1000 ft
    Rate of Climb...... 700 ft/min.
    Endurance...... 3-4 hrs: 400 miles
    Maneuvering/Structural Capability..Aerobatic (+/- 6 g's)
    Continental 0-200 (100 HP)
    Lycoming 0-235/290 (115-130 HP)
    HCI Radial (123 HP)
    I'm going to get one of these baby's when I get back from my job in Beijing.
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    Yep seen them. I have often wondered about them. If I had the place I would probably try this. But I don't yet, someday after ths kids grow up I plan to move out of town and get a bigger plot, with a building to suit my needs.(wants)
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    One of the nicest spit ones is the 80% one you can get from Australia.... see they do make some nice stuff... even Tully lol



    Top Speed (VNE) 193 Knots / 222 mph / 357ph
    Max Cruise 160 Knots
    Cruise (Economical) 150Knots
    Stall 45 Knots / 48 mph / 67 kph
    Range 3 hrs (approx. at economical cruise speed) with reserve
    Rate Of Climb (fpm) 2500 +
    Takeoff Distance 207m / 226 yds
    Landing Distance (m) 445 m / 487yds
    Service Ceiling (ft) 18000 ft +approx.
    Engine Used JABIRU 8 Cyl / V6 GM
    Power 180 hp / 250 hp
    Empty Weight 1014 lbs (460 kg) (Aust- RAA 405Kg)
    Gross Weight 1650 lbs (810 kg) (Aust- RAA 560Kg)
    Height (ft) 6€ 9€ (at Spinner)
    Length (ft) 23€ 9€ / 7.24 m
    Wingspan (ft) 27€ 8€ / 8.43 m
    Wing Area (sq ft) 122 sq ft
    Fuel Capacity 115 litres / 25.3 UK gal / 30.3 US gal
    No. Of Seats 2 (1Seater RAA- Aust only)
    Bldg. Material Aluminium
    Build Time (beginners) 1200 hours (approx)
    No. Built (10 flying)
    Info Pack $30.00 US
    Plans not available
    Rating Limited Aerobatic +6 -4 g

    The Spitfire complies with RAA requirements

    This data may be changed at the discretion of the manufacturer without notice.
    Specifications will vary in accordance with conditions.


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    Wow, nice, cheap, and compact. Did you notice how small the Fw190 is?

    Little FW190 $25,000 complete. For the price of Flugwerk's 190(535,000 Euro incomplete), I could buy a whole squadron!

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    Originally posted by Pirschjaeger:
    Wow, nice, cheap, and compact. Did you notice how small the Fw190 is?

    Little FW190 $25,000 complete. For the price of Flugwerk's 190(535,000 Euro incomplete), I could buy a whole squadron!

    Send me a spare then.
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    Well how about a replica of the Me163 komet, it could complete your German plane collection in your barn LOL. Must be a funny thing to see besides a Fw190, Me 262 and the others
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    Purchased a set of Corsair plans back in the 70's. Basic construction is a wood box fuselage with foam contouring and then glassed. Planes were heavy, very high wing loading, Landing speed around 70 mph, small cockpits, and engines over heated all the time. Not many built. Company changed hands a few times. One owner die in a crash due to aileron flutter when test flying the P-51.
    Novel idea, poor designs, and little market. Still have the plans ... built a Pietenpol AirCamper instead.

    <span class="ev_code_PINK">P.S. Do not go by the published flight spec's posted, planes performance were a lot less. Pick another design. Many figthers rep's out there and better IMO.</span>
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