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    Hi everybody,

    I recently started playing Settler II (Gold Edition) again and I am getting a bit confused with respect to my ships. I can not seem to find a way to force my ships to transport iron from one island to another. Is there a way to get this done?

    Best regards,
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    You can't force them to carry the goods, but make sure to have a building on the destination island that will use the iron and the ai (in its own time) should move the goods.
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    On the main island I am having an Iron Melter. I have several ships sailing around empty, so it's a bit frustrating to see all this valuable iron sitting around on the wrong island.
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    Pump the priority way up. All of a sudden you'll see lots of iron moving about in ships, but it might take them a long time.

    My favourite frustration is when you see private soldiers going to your border military buildings and the generals being transported by boat to some far flung island. This always happens to me!
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    In addition to changing the priority, you can also force stores/harbours to eject all stocks of iron, thus forcing them to go either to a building that needs it, or to a store/harbour closer to where you want it. Do this by clicking them, clicking their inventory tab and then clicking the iron icon to cycle through the options until you get the arrow symbol.

    I often use this method to force all swords+shields to the same store, and beer if it is in short supply. I also use this method to force all idle soldiers to the store nearest my frontline, so troops are quickly replaced when attacked & killed.
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    Controlling ships is not very easy.

    The old good S2:
    When is is time to move from a depleted island, and you are trying to force the ships to bring away the goods and workers from there, let me give some ideas. The ships work only if there is a constraint at the network of the destination continent. At this example, if you want to bring home the iron ore, you have to constrain the shipment. Constrain means an iron smelting works without iron ore support. If there isn't even a single unit of ore in the smelter building, it's the best. The work must not be stopped here, but you have to cut off any iron ore containing storehouses what share the same network with the smelter. The destination harbour must not contain iron ore. In this case, ship(s) MUST start to bring the ore. Wait for the moment when the first dose arrives, and when the ship turns back for the next one, you do end the constraint by detaching the smelter from the harbour. If you don't, your people are going to fill the smelter with ore, and your ship(s) may not turn more since the smelter now has ore support and they don't have to bring more.
    If you do this right, the ship(s) will bring ALL iron ore to this harbour. DO NOT end the constraint before the arrival of the first dose. If you do this, you will have to reconnect the ore storehouse to the harbour, pack the ore to it, and detach again, and force the constraint again...

    You can force similar constraints in order to bring home other resources and workers. If you build medium sized buildings at the islands, you will also have to build them again at the homeland (wasting the stone) if you want to see their workers again. But if you dont't plan to completely leave that island, you don't have to care about this of course.
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    Sorry, I was wrong. I tried this again for refreshing my memory. It is perfect if you detach the constraining building BEFORE the arrival of the first dose. This works both with resources and workers. The difference is that when it comes to resources, the ship will bring always the maximum amount of 40 units until it is over. In the case of workers, the ship will bring only the number of workers equal to the constraining buildings per turn. Eg if you build 4 mines to force back your miners to the homeland, the ship will bring 4 miners per turn.
    I assure the ship collects all workers and resources from the other harbours to the destination harbour.
    (It was easy to bring home 600+ iron ores, 200+ stones, 60+ fishes and all the workers with a single ship.)
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    don't get the message

    I've tried to return 50 stones from an over seas harbour building (nr.2) towards my first (and original) harbour building (nr. 1). In this entire area there is not one single stone available any more.
    Ordered to send the 50 stones off the building2. Nothing happened although there's no stone in Harbour building1 nor in het Headquarters.
    And then (what a fun!) I built a Sawmill (or whatever stone-requiring building) in the Headquarter's area, so 'at home'.
    That particular building was erected without effecting the overseas amount of 50 stones. How come ?
    No transport at all....
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