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    Available for download now, the first mini campaign from "Mad Missions".
    by JG52~MadAdler...

    "When Death Calls"

    12 missions depicting the battle of Stalingrad 1942, for the Bf-109G-2 pilot.
    A major turning point in the war, and is considered one of the bloodiest and largest battles in history. The Axis powers lost about a quarter of their total manpower on the Eastern Front, and never completely recovered from the defeat.
    Includes skins by Helgs Skins.

    http://www.helgsskins.com ...click on the
    "Mad Missions" icon to download...
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    Nice site! Looking good....
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    Just downloaded it and bookmarked your site. Looks good, I like the skins gallery layout. Good luck with it!
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    Played the first mission and crashed strafing an AA site. I will never learn!.
    Lots of work went into the map layout I can see. Liked the views of the city burning. Would be especially effective later in the day or evening. Just one thing, you might want to mention what rank the player should select as the character is supposed to be a newb according to the briefing and also what skin to choose(though many people have their favourites anyway).
    Thanks for making it. Don't suppose you want to make something for an early FW190 do you?
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    I've been working on a Stalingrad campaign for a while, also based at Pitomnik. I look forward to giving it a whirl. thx.
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    I usually don't like static camapigns, but sometimes I feel squirrelly and decide to try one. This sounds like one I will probably like.
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    Thanx for the replies guys!

    All your suggestions will be looked at, keep em coming...We aim to please
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    I just downloaded the campaign and the skin pack. Look forward to trying it.

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    i love the detail, i flew the first 4 and then my game locks up. i'm running 4.01m. do i need 4.02m to run this?
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