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    As you may've noticed I'm kinda fond of reference books, encyclopedias, reference guides etc. What I'm trying to find is one such book for Soviet aircraft of WW2. For all of them, not only fighters or only up to 1941.

    Well, does anyone? If not in English then in French, German, Italian, Spanish or Greek. I'm sure there must be one in Russian, but I don't speak Russian, so in one of the above languages.
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    Don't know if it will help, there might be a link for books here:
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    I've got a couple of recommendations:

    1) Aircraft of the Soviet Union
    Bill Gunston
    Osprey Books

    This is a BIG reference book on all Soviet planes up to the early 80s. Full of histories,
    specs, photos, three-view drawings. 415 pages. This book is out of print but copies are
    still available. Try Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Aeroplanebooks.com. About $40 used.

    2) Soviet Combat Aircraft of the Second World War (2 volumes)
    Volume 1: Single Engined Fighers
    Volume 2: Twin-engined Fighters, Attack Aircraft and Bombers
    Yefim Gordon & Dmitri Khazanov
    Midland Publishing

    Very good books on Soviet WWII aircraft with lots of good photos, histories and fantastic
    performance spec pages. About $40 per volume.
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    This is who I use to get those 'Hard to find' books...

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    What are you looking for in the books? If you want colour schemes then the extremly hard to find "Red Stars in the Sky" is difficult to beat. On the same lines, Swanborough and Green produced the excellent "Soviet Fighters of WWII, Vol 1 & 2", plus the Squadron/Signal works on Yaks, MiGs and La's.
    As Sky Chimp said, Bill Gunstons' "Aircraft of the Soviet Union" gives fantastic information on the development of Soviet aircraft from the revolution onwards. Vaclav Nemecel also produced a book on "Aircraft of the Soviet Union from 1918" - this has some fantastic photographs of WWII aircraft. Also check Nowarra/Duval's "Russian Civil and Military Aircraft 1884-1969"
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    I knew you'd help me guys. I couldn't find any of them myself.
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    Try this


    Not a book, but a great source of info.
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    Bumping this thread...

    What about books on German, RAF, Japan and USA fighters?

    Theese any good?


    And maybe some good ones on combat tactics?
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    What Skychimp said, the Gordon-Kazanov books on fighters and bombers are excellent, a must have of any library imho.
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