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    Ok guys, i know it is fun to post, but i DID read this topic and i searched forum, you know. And i already know what i have to get IF i want to know all about the Russian aircrafts. Would you care to read my first post once more? I explicitly asked for books on OTHER fighter planes of WW2, not Russian only.

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    Um, you didn't even start this thread. What are you talking about?
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    Originally posted by |ZUTI|:
    Bumping this thread...

    What about books on German, RAF, Japan and USA fighters?

    Theese any good?


    And maybe some good ones on combat tactics?
    I've got the first one - basically a sampler for the Osprey range - nothing at all wrong with that, very well illustrated with original artwork and good photographs. Anectdotal and first hand accounts, brief technical information. I'd say get it. Worth it for the artwork alone. Press the 'look inside' link on the relevant page to give you an idea.
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