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    Probably very well known website, but for me I had not seen it before.

    I typed in P-51 and got this link;


    Then P-47;


    Hundreds of clips for the whole WW2 period plus more.

    Thought I'd pass it on if you didn't know about it.

    Cheers, MP
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    Yeah CP is great...
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    I will never understand why they would want to sell and profit from such clips , they're all available to the public for free , folks just have to search a bit for them , archives like Luce have many WWII air combat videos and other related WWII aircrafts videos you have never likely seen before all available for public to see .
    No , many Luce archive videos are not on YouTube , LiveLeak , Google websites etc....
    Yes , it's hard to navigate through Luce archive to find such WWII air combat videos but it's doable and you can't easily download anything but is not for profit .
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