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    Ubisoft, Please Stop Using Digital River for selling your games! You guys can do better than that.

    I just bought HAWX 2 about 6 weeks ago, and I started getting BSOD's on my computer, so i formatted. Well, I go to re-download Hawx 2 from your store using the "order lookup method", and digital river pops up telling me sorry, i cant download my game, it's been over 30 days.

    Oh and they want to charge $5 for me to buy some insurance plan that would let me download the game for 2 years instead of 30 days.

    This is a joke! Maybe Steam or Direct2drive has spoiled me, but this to me is crooked.

    Googling Digital river comes up with tons of scams and end user horror stories.

    Just please stop using Digital River.
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    I have had problems getting my game too using Digital River who have taken my money but not delivered my game!!!! Just stop buying games from Ubisoft directly
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