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    I would like to fly online with reasonable difficulty settings (complex engine managment, realistic guns. limited fuel, ammo, realistic weather and landings etc, ) but wonder if there are servers that are good for learners?
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    If you want to learn altitude bombing

    Bombs Away in the Hyperlobby is free of fighters.

    Bombers only server with online stats.

    Now if you mean those little pesky single engine things !!!!!!!
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    Ukdedicated 1 has all those settings with no cockpit, externals, icons on

    Ukdedicated 2 has all those settings with cockpit always on, externals on , icons off.

    Ukded 3 has basically full real settings.

    ALways historical planesets apart from a few 'what if' maps.

    I learned on Ukded 1+2, great admins and mostly great players too, Take your pick
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    +1 for the UK ded servers, also Skies of Valor has good planesets with cockpit on and externals enabled.
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