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    Hi all,

    I have just completed the first beta of version 2.10.

    The new version will include a substantial update to the weathered Lufwaffe bomber and twin-engined fighter lettering/numbering including many new set of alternative coloured lettering and numbering as well as outlined types. All of the coloured sets, a total of 18, are available as 1st Staffel options for use in the QMB. I have totally re-done this part of the interface and made it the same style as the single-engined numbering. The above, including all the randomised alternatives has taken three days of solid work but I like the results.

    Also new in v2.10 will be an option to toggle between large and small Geshwader unit coding for all Luftwaffe bomber and twin-engined fighters.

    A new feature in v2.10 will be the inclussion of 10 "tabs" at the top of the interface. These represent ten different wartime "theatres" and selecting one of these tabs automatically selects a series of national markings and/or numbering/lettering styles suitable for use in that theatre. You may not prefer these selections in which case any of the options setup by a tab can be manually over-riden. I hope that this new feature will make it quick and simple to switch between different theatres of war/wartime period.

    I will be sending beta 1 to the beta testers later this evening and hope to have it released before the New Year.


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    The He-111 you have pictured is Mint! Wow! That is one Hec of a Great looking Skin.
    Thank's Ace's!
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    Hi m8,

    I got it from IL2 Skins, I really like it .

    Hope you're enjoying the new "ClearCache=0" feature in v3.03's conf.ini.

    Kiss goodbye to markings delays

    I'm re-posting the info in case you didn't see it first time around on Christmas Day LOL:

    For IL2-MAT Manager Users AND Pacific Fighter version 3.03

    Add the following line to your conf.ini in the section.


    1. Then "de-activate" IL2-MAT.

    2. Run IL2-MAT Manager
    3. Select the "PF v3.03+ (no IL2-MAT Needed) option in the Control Panel.

    4. Make one change to the markings options.

    5. Quit MAT Manager

    6. Run the game



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