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    I am thinking of picking up FB and the expansion disk after hearing that PF would update the graphics in FB-is there a significant change with the update in terms of graphics??
    PF looks great and was wondering if FB will look that good after the update.

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    If I understand it correctly, you now have PF 'stand-alone'.

    Adding FB-AEP to PF, will add planes, missions, campaigns, maps (theatre's) to PF!

    And, yes, the water of the Finnish Gulf in FB-AEP-PF will be just as nice as the water in the Pacific Ocean, but I don't think you'll be seeing that tropicle-blue colours...
    (And maybe the Finnish Gulf is not a good example, as half of the time it's kinda frozen solid...)

    Here's the deal: Pickup FB-AEP for the planes, missions, campaigns, maps (theatre's), not for the graphics, you already got them!

    Have fun!
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