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    It appears I am unable to access any external views via my Function Keys, or any keys that I've assigned. I've attempted to reassign the view functions to letter keys and joystick buttons with no success. My keyboard is not malfunctioning. I even tried a keyboard from another computer. As a last result I did a complete reinstall with no success. What am I missing? Any suggestions??
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    Have you disabled external views in the options?
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    "Have you disabled external views in the options?"

    That'll be it.

    Welcome usmcav8tor1999,

    It's a good idea to check the difficulty settings before launching a campaign - as they are distinct (stored separately) from any settings you applied in the Quick Mission Builder.

    A recommended difficulty setting for the dynamic campaign is to turn off "no instant success" (its on the second page of difficulty settings).
    With "no instant success" left on you won't get credit for the mission unless you see the "mission complete" message come up. Why is that a bad thing? Because if you get bounced on the way to bombing a target, ditch your bombs and fight your way out, limping home to ditch beside the strip - you most likely won't get a "mission complete" message. Which means you'll have to fly the exact same mission again - for all intents and purposes you didn't fly it.
    By turning that option off all you have to do is survive, time will advance and the next mission will be generated.


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    That's it. I didn't notice that selecting realistic turned the external view off. Thanks for the help. Its amazing how the simplist solutions are often the hardest to find.
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