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    first picture is me in a BI6, second one is a squadmate in a Me163
    unlimited fuel, otherwise no cheat.

    anybody have something even wilder?
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    SEVENTY-FOUR thousand feet?

    I'm guessing it took a while to get there.
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    Actually Divine-Wind, if you look closely, that says 74,055 METERS.
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    That looks shooped. I can tell by looking at the pixels and having seen quite a few shoops in my time.
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    I say we make some standards here if we want to compete:

    1. Start from 10,000 meters.

    2. Go as high as you can.

    3. Land and walk away from it.
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    Someone in this forum once made it to 800,000km something.
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    The highest i got until now was 34-35km with an me-163, but i didnt have unlimited fuel. Anyways, diving down from that altitude is quite enough to gain some speed to catch a b-29.
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    I'm not going that far, I'm afraid of hights.
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    I have tried this many times with the rocket planes, and can get nowhere near what others are capable of.
    I don't know how they can get that high.
    I completely agree with RPMcMurphy about the standards. To make it equal for everyone, so we are competing on a level playing field, we must all start the same way.
    I like the landing part also.
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    Originally posted by Boosher:
    Actually Divine-Wind, if you look closely, that says 74,055 METERS.
    Bah, that's what I meant. I even took the time to finally figure out what all those letters stood for.

    (By the way, the speedbars in both screenshots show what looks like a much slower speed, is that normal?)
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