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    28th of October 1940, is the day Greece entered WWII on the Allies side. On this day, Italian forces crossed the Greek_Albanian border, meeting fierce resistance by the Greek army. Altough this is not some history lesson, its about the airmen, both Greek and foreigners who fought over the skies of Greece, during 1940 and early 41'. When Greece fell to the Germans, the greek air force(at the time Royal Hellenic AirForce -RHAF)moved to the middle east front, eqquiped with RAF fighters(mostly Hurricanes, later on Spits), and continued the fight. Many greek pilots emerged from this era, along with famous Allied aces like J. Pattle (52 kills according to some historians), who fell over Eleusina(near Athens), defending Greece from Axis powers. Greek obsolete fighters like polish PZL's, were reinforced with British Gladiators and Hurricanes, flown by both Greek and 'Commonwealth'(British, South Africans, Australians etc.) pilots. Links below provide order of battle, organization, and general historic information concerning the Battle of Greece, and the actions of the Hellenic airforce during WWII.
    It would be very nice to have a balkan map in il2, and would be especially interesting for the many greeks that enjoy this wonderful game for the past years. Of course with BoB comin, this would be extremely difficult.

    http://www.haf.gr/ The official site of the Hellenic(Greek) Air Force.

    http://www.orbat.com/site/ww2/drleo/...8_airforce.htm (Order Of Battle)



    http://math.fce.vutbr.cz/safarik/ACE...e-ww2-raf.html (Greeks fighting with RAF, after german occupation)

    http://math.fce.vutbr.cz/safarik/ACE...e-ww2-eva.html (Royal Hellenic Air Force stats, before german occupation)

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    Very nice, thanks for this
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    Anybody have recent pics of the Helldiver preserved in Athens?
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    Salute Avramis

    Thanks for the great information and links.

    If you are interested in getting a Greek map, please contact Ian Boys regarding this. He is the author of a number of very good maps, and has asked what people are interested in having created next. I would encourage you to advocate for a Northern Greece/Southern Albania map.

    We do have a lot of the aircraft which would be needed for such a campaign, including:

    Pzl 11 (sub for Pzl 24)
    Hurricane Ia
    Blenheim I and IV

    109E4 and E7

    There is also a good possibility we will get an SM-79 in an addon.

    Cheers Buzzsaw

    You can find threads with Ian Boys' comments about his other maps on this board or on the SimHQ board, here:


    If you post on that board, you should be able to get a reply from him.
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    Originally posted by CHDT:
    Anybody have recent pics of the Helldiver preserved in Athens?
    Where's that? You mean the 1930s' helldiver? Are you sure?
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    Well, went through google a little, and yup!... there it is!


    We've also got a spit MkIXc too.

    Don't know what else... sorry.
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    Zito Hellas !!!

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    forgive my Greek non-Greeks,

    Eixa ksekinisei prin kana mina na etoimazw mia mikro-egkyklopaideia (san afti gia ta aeroplana tou paixnidiou pou exw sti sig mou) gia ta aeroplana pou eixame otan epitethikan oi Italoi (eidos, arithmo, mikrh istoria, statistika, istorikes photos ktl) kai afto pou vrika itan xaos. O kathenas o,ti thelei leei, ektos apo dyo-treis piges pou lene liga kai prosegmena, alla oxi arketa.
    Exete vrei pote kapoion pou na exei kalypsei afto to thema kai na ton empisteveste gia to ti leei? Vivlio, site, o,ti na'nai.
    P.x. eidika gia ton arithmo twn P.24 pou eixame kai akrivws ti custom typou kai ti armament itan to kathena, e ekei einai na gelas me to poso diaferoun oi diafores phges. P.x. to link tou avrami den anaferei katholou ta P.24A pou eixame. Me ton oplismo na deite ti ginetai. H entyhpwsh pou kyriarxei einai oti eixame vgalei ta oerlicon cannons kai eixame mono machine guns giati den eixame arketa vlimata ekeinh tin epoxh. kai ta loipa, kai ta loipa.
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    Yasou neural_dream you are Greek too? That's 3 I know of here, Luftwaffe 109, Protos and myself (Greek Canadian to be exact)
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