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    Hello everyone
    I came up with some new sort of obstacle idea's for the latest AC. What i mean with obstacles are the flower pots where you can hang on to witch was new in ACII. Not everybody will think these are good but i think they could be used.

    1.Wall climbing.
    This could become an easy way to climb up in narrow alleyways.What i mean with wall climbing is this. http://biturl.cc/6Qs but without the fail. This could also be used as a new hideout (or what were they called again) like a stack off hail.

    2.Sewer holes as for new hideouts. Open one wait until the guards are gone and voila.

    3.Hiding under bridges,balcony's,cars,coaches
    Would be nifty but difficult

    Let me know what you think i know it can't be all perfect but i want to know your opinion.
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    why not throw in a small wall run as well, not as exaggerated as in PoP but a quick 2 steps or something
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    Can't see the video, but I guess you mean the Splinter Cell "split jump"? It's known as the 'spider-spying technique' in Ninjitsu.
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