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    Hi everyone

    I'm happy to present today the "Fans' Manual", built by the community

    You can find it here, in english : ftp://ftp.ubi.com/emea/homm5/communi..._Manual_en.zip (updated up to 1.3)
    In spanish :
    In russian :
    In french :
    ftp://ftp.ubi.com/emea/homm5/communi..._Manual_fr.zip (updated up to 1.3)
    In german :
    In russian :
    In Czech :

    Please report any feedback here : http://heroescommunity.com/viewthread.php3?TID=19045

    This manual is the result of the involvement of the Heroes of Might and Magic community as a whole. I started discussing the needed content for such a manual and came to realize they were willing, even eager to participate in creating it. So it was decided to test such a direct collaboration with the fans. The result is beyond our expectations for the quality and detail : they have invested much energy in doing "their" manual, unravelling the game mechanics and exposing the complex structure built by Nival. Most communities have been involved in directing its content, adding tables or helping in the translation, and the Age of Heroes (http://www.heroesofmightandmagic.com/) team did a great work in coordinating the whole effort. This manual is the first item to bear the Seal of Approval.

    About the Seal of Approval
    This Seal will distinguish the most qualitative works done by fans or communities and submitted to Ubisoft. We will consider such works as maps, mods, guides or any other element created by the fans for the game or its universe. Any of such selected element will be reproduced on the official Might and Magic webpage and be allowed to display this Seal.
    To apply for this Seal of Approval, send a description of your creation with any required link or attachment to this mail : Might_and_Magic@ubisoft.com
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    Wow! Much thanks FC!
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    So now, to all those people who've been clamoring for the "formulas" and such...now you've got it. :O) There's even the percentages for stats/skills on level ups. Overall, a great job!
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    Credit where credit is due.

    I just DL and had a quick look.
    I have to say, it looks great.

    It looks like hours and hours of hard work and I want to thank the people that created this.

    As for Ubi and Nival, I want to thank you very much for not only allowing this (copy right and all that) but even encouraging it and collaborating on it. Thank you.

    And on that note, I also want to applaud the ‘seal of approval’ idea. I think it’s a exelent idea.

    So, in short. Thank you, to you all.

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    Congratulations (and thanks!) to all involved. It's absolutely fantastic work.
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    unreal_az's Avatar Senior Member
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    Impressive it's what comes to mind after browsing.
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    Wooha! Released!11!1oneoneone!!!
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    They did an incredible job on this. Very impressive guys!
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    nobody seems to want to fix description of Soulhunter specialty.

    and I still want IN-GAME up to date accurate and detailed formulas and ability trees.
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    so they had time to create this rather than map editor's stuffs? anyway, i'm very impressed
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