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    more specifically the 202 7 series. I quite like italian planes, but not that many people use them, and unfortunately I don't have time to spend hours experimenting in the QMB so does anyone here have tips on flying the mc202?
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    Mc202 is a vertical fighter: impressive climb and unbeatable dive. It has a terminal dive velocity about 1000kph, which means you can outdive anything short of P-47. Respectable altitude performance, where it can outperform most contemporaries. Good speed. Weak guns, but they do seem to do some damage when used at short ranges (<100m). Good ammosuply tho, and digital ammocounters. In dark hours, use night reticle (ctrl-D). Obsolete by late 1942.
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    Keep the ball centered and as long as you stay over 340 kph you can turn hard enough to gray out
    without spinning.

    202 is 200 with 109 engine and left wing a few inches longer to balance out the prop effects best at cruise.
    Kept coordinated it is a lot of fun to fly. IIRC one natural enemy is the Hurricane II.
    They did have a very nasty spin if flown poorly but the pilots knew better than to do that.
    Some recruits did not. Every country had training and non-combat losses. Only the quirks and details change.
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    The last MC 205 is quite a bit faster and has waaaay better armament--2 cannons added to the cruddy Breda mg's.
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    The MC202 does not like to be handled roughly, otherwise it will spin like crazy. It tends to bleed speed quite quickly in a horizontal turn although it does well in a climbing turn. Get in close before you shoot, the guns have low muzzle velocity. Try to always stay above 300 km/h. It's a blast to fly.

    As Ba5tard5word said, the MC205 in faster and has cannons with lots of ammunition, so much in fact that you don't need to use the mg's.

    My fav Italian rides are the G50 and MC205.
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    Although the Breda .50 caliber guns are not exactly a breeze to use, you need to use them like any low caliber gun. You won't ever de-wing your opponent, but you can get very satisfying kills out of them.

    The trick is to get close so that every shot hits your opponent. In cannon armed planes you fire off one or two rounds, readjust, fire another two rounds. You never just hold down the trigger, because you have low ammo loads, and it only takes a few hits to bring the enemy down. With the Mc.202, as with any plane with smaller guns, fire longer bursts, and make sure you are hitting the target the entire time. You will kill the pilot, damage the engine, controls, or start a fire. This is all it takes.

    Good luck, nothing helps more than practice though.
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    I've been able to de-wing Hurricanes with the Bredas but it takes a while
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    The key is E - don't lose it. The Macchi's combat turn is good at higher speeds, but you have to be careful: this is not a yank-and-bank a/c. Yank too hard and you will end up in a really vicious spin. At low speeds, it seems to me that P40s and P39s can turn at least as well as as a 202, if not better.
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    Thanks for all the advice, I'll try doing that
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    While flying the Macchi recently my engine cut out and despite hitting the Ignition I key setting throttle to 100 per cent and the prop shown revolving again the plane just kept dropping height and speed till it crash landed. I had been doing some tight turns until then. Any ideas to stop this recurring would be gratefully received.
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