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    I patched to 1.1 and WAS at 100% real, but now I get auto contact added to my map. I've tried numerous things to turn it off, including new career, new profile, togging it supposedly off (less real) playing a quick game, turning it on again, ect. Nothing, I'll always see 30 km contacts auto added to my map.

    Is there anyway to manually enable this realism option through a .cfg file edit?
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    Ive got the same problem.
    Can't fix it with the new career/delete profile.. etc. etc.
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    Those contacts that are now marked on map at 100% realism are the contacts you've received via radio (is difficult to add them manually and the player will lose far too much time if is forced to mark those contacts by hand using the available tools).

    You should think on this contact map update as the update made by one of your officers.

    So is not a bug.
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    Good to hear that the Dev team is active! Keep it going! btw. "we" got a little "patch 1.2" thread going on here.. welcome in.. *hint*
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    I thought that could be the as Devteam says, as when going to the sonar station I could hear nothing for such remote contacts: if the sonar hears nothing the ship should have been spotted by someone else.

    When clicking on the target, there is a time indication of when the ship was sighted. As this does not update, well when you come there, the ship is not there anymore....
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    Arg, I thought I was the only Kriegsmarine submariner in the world. Isn't this what UBI wants to be modled? Medal of Honor at sea, you and your thompson kill all the enemy ships.

    Btw, thanks for the info. It's nice the BdU is being slightly useful. This didn't used to happen in 1.0 and isn't mentioned in the change log.. soo.... I'm taking this explanation with a grain of salt as it SEEMs to be the dummy-map option.

    I've only seen these radio contacts pop up when they're close to me, which is strange. Why would you only recieve radio updates that are close to you? I guess it makes sense that any distant reports are going to be woefully unuseful if it's 2 days sailing away.

    Another odd thing about these radio contacts, I get them for friendly vessles. Who cares that a German DD is heading back into the port I just left out of? Doesn't seem like some radio contact I would be given from command, more like the dummy map option.

    These radio contacts also seem to detect EVERY vessle around me, which kinda defeats the purpose of me looking for them.
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    maybe its so you do not attack allied vessels mistaking them for enemy.

    The way to really tell is travel under water for as long as possible and see if you still get updates.
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    I've only seen Green and Blues it's true. Ship's flags and such would keep me from killing non-enemies (If I knew what countries we're at war with, 'cause I don't. The game doesn't SAY.) I guess it keeps you from having to chase down a ship to have it turn out not to be a target.

    What I believe is happening is that these are auto sonar contacts not visual, so running submerged wouldn't negate it. Oh and today I chased and lost a Coast Merchant that did not show up in one of the auto things on my map.
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