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    I just got CH Pro pedals. I plugged them in, but DIDN'T install software. I let Windows recognise the device itself, which it did no problemo.

    Booted up IL2, and found out the pedals forced my X45's, and evo Force's ID's to be changed, thus rendering all my joystick and hotas assignments void. No problem. Easy enough to fix.

    I took care of that business, but now when I change my prop pitch it goes down to 27...16....5.....38. It's weird. When I use auto pitch it STILL displays the prop pitch percentages. Plus the display only says like 46.

    Now, I've used Prop pitch for a while so I know the numbers change in incriments of 5 NOT 27....18....5,,,,42.

    It seems occasionally, that the rudder peddles move it to those strange numbers, but any subsequent movement by peddles doesn't cause any future movement. (that is the prop pitch will not be affected by any more rudder input.) It Will respond to my assigned button, but again only up to 46ish%, and at those strange incriments.

    Do I NEED the CH software installed?..... Has my Saitek software been corrupted?

    Any hints or tips? Thanks.
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    Make sure you didn't inadvertantly set pitch to one of the 3 axis controlls on the pedals... I adjust my prop pitch with a rotary on my throttle, and it does indeed go up or down in increments of 1%. Other than that I don't know what it could be.

    As far as the CH software goes, I went without it for 3 years, until I got a CH Fighterstick. Now I use it to combine my pedals and stick into one controller that Windows sees as CH Control Manager Device 1. I don't think you really need the software unless you want to edit axis sensitivity or combine 2 or more CH controllers into one.
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    theyre defective, you need to send them to me for repairs.
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    Thanks Wilburator. I'll check it out. I remember confirming whether the orange nubby stick on the X45 throttle was assigned to the Prop pitch and it was.... but I'll check anyway.
    I have elevator, and aileron trim mapped to the rotaries, and prop pitch to the above mentioned. It worked fine before the peddles.
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    What's your turn around?

    Do you think I'm ? LOL
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    Found the problem........ bad eyesight.
    Accidently applied one of the rotaries to pitch instead of aileron on my hotas. It thus canceled out my lil nubby thing on the X45 throttle.
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    Originally posted by Stackhouse25th:
    theyre defective, you need to send them to me for repairs.
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    The "new" smell of my CH Pedals went away almost immediately after I came to the conclusion that they fit my feet better if I kicked off my shoes...


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