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    yea well heres the problem my parachutes dont deploy...not only do they not deploy they dont show up at the bottom of the screen nor do they appear in my inventory qwick launch wheel but i got them from Leonardo and i purchased them from the shop and got the large pouch to carry more only time i can see i have them is when i check my inventory from the start menu an it says i have 15...the weird thing is the only time the parachute icon at the bottom pops up is when i replay the romulus lair missions an even then it shows up sure but the thing says i have ZERO an normally i wouldnt care at all but im very upset that i cant get the achievement for jumping off the top of the vatican...lord knows how upset i was climbing ALL the way up to the tip top an leaping to my death like all was lost and ive given up well i have given up dammit i REFUSE to replay half the game in a different save file just for this one achievement now on to my more frustrating task of finding the last 3 stupid flags only found in the romulus lairs stupid flags got 98 of 101 kdfjgvjh grr frustrating...nvm that...i know there have been other parachute problems but has anyone else had my EXACT problem???
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    yes i have this exact thing! like wtf. but mine was fine until the ending of the game. after the credits, and we play back as ezio, the parachute logo seemed to have lost from the place it was supposed to be. wtf wtf wtf.
    well to bad for you man to jump all the way from the castel and die there.. lol.
    i cant seem to climb up there. any tips on where to start the climbing?
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    well it is there but when u don't use it hte icon disappears so when you jump from high enough places like the top of the casttello you just press square ps3 / x xbox 360 and it just opens so dont worry and in romulus shrine u can't use it so as game data you just lose it
    then we come to the way to climb the castello you can ender from the gate just before you enter the vaticano (requium mission entrance seq 9)and you can start climbing from the part you get to the casttelo itself from walking on a rope and i will leave up to you to figure out the rest
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    I don't understand, I have no problems with it.
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    um i had the problem with schutes everytime i was using tunnels or goin back from 'real world' lol

    or i just forgot to press X button to deploy 1 lol
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    I've had no problems with it. The only time I can't deploy it is when I'm too close to the ground or if Ezio is jumping to a specific spot (like a ledge).
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    It's a bug in the game. You shoudln't have to buy new chutes after exiting a Romulus Lair, like I have to every single stinking time. They also need to deploy no matter what height, since there is no gauge to tell you at what height they are useful.

    All in all the parachutes are pretty well useless and it was a pure waste of time getting them.
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    i did try going back up there an jumped an just pressed X like ur supposed to but i still end up falling to my death just a stupid glitch in the game i suppose hopefully a path to fix this issue will be here in the future easiest wat to get to the top is to replay a memory from seqwence 8 something about an apple u should be almost at the top when that memory starts
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    The only problem I had with it is during the mission to get the apple, and I decided to knock two birds out with one stone. I climbed up the castle to get to the very top for the flag and jump off with the parachute to get the trophy, "fly like an eagle." But...it didn't deploy and I fell to my death.
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    They're bugged. Did you get the pouch for more parachutes? Because that's what I did. Now Ezio can't even deploy them, he just plummets to his death.
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