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    Sure would be great to hear some sound effects like from the propellers, ship hitting the bottom. sub scuffing the bottom or the crunch of lightly laying a sub on a sandy bottom. Also would like to hear AA guns, deck gun, explosions, and ships bulkheads buckling while underwater. Sure hope the dev team made destroyers explode aft when their ship sinks and depth charges go off when they reach those predetermined depths.
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    heheh yeah that would be nice, lets hope they put so much detail in , cant wait to dive under my first battleship kill and watch it sink and explode behind/on me
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    According to Phullbrick's preview (French)

    You'll be glad TASKFORCE1x1

    Expect to hear your prey's agony when sinking with secondary explosions and crackles till the final smash.
    So you can have evidence of your success even being underwater.
    You can either hear dude torpedoes impact "tchonk" if you're close enough !!

    And later, when you surface, all you'll see is smoke and fire remaining over the water ...

    Arghh that's simply fabulous!

    Can't wait can't wait can't wait !
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    Can anyone lip read?
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