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    I've been interested in IL-2 for a while and just picked it up off of Steam with the sale and all. I have one question and a bit of a problem.

    The problem is that several of the Pilot Careers are just plain broken. The USAAF Bomber campaign,the USAAF Fighter campaign after Pearl Harbor and some others fail to launch. I can start the career, set up the difficulty and get to the briefing screen, which is usually blank, but when I start to fly the mission it starts loading then I get an error that a file failed to load. It seems to be an issue with missions based in New Guinea as if I recall correctly the file is something like newguiena/load.ini or something to that nature.I have it patched to 4.08 and about to install 4.09. Also I have reinstalled it completely twice and tried to run these missions with and without patching to no effect.

    And my question is I was under the impression that 1946 had all of the IL-2 games packaged together but it seems to have nothing but a focus on the fighting in the Pacific, even the RAF is in the Pacific I thought for sure they would have something on the Western front.

    EDIT: Patched to 4.09 and now nothing will launch getting the *Theatre*/load.ini failed to load error everywhere. Going for install number 3.
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    Hi, welcome to the Ubi forum.

    It sounds to me most likely to be a corrupted download. If you can't get it to work properly it would be best to contact Steam themselves.

    There aren't any European RAF campaigns with the stock IL-2. It was originally developed for the eastern front (lots of nice soviet aircraft, as well as Luftwaffe), with the 'Pacific Fighters' upgrade came Japanese and American aircraft, and we've also had a few British aircraft, but they've never featured a great deal in stock campaigns. There are lots of campaigns available as downloads from MIssion4Today for example, so you can use them if you want to fly RAF. There are even western-front maps available as mods, but we aren't supposed to provide links for them here.
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    I'm thinking I got a bad download too. When I first installed the 4.08 it had some weird graphical glitches but I reinstalled and those worked out. I'm hoping a reinstall after 4.09 will atleast get me back to the campaigns I had going.

    Thanks for the tip on Mission4Today once I get this working halfway I'll poke around there.
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    This is one of the reasons why i hate Steam, the other is that with some games wen a patch comes out the game no longer works at all, some game developers luckly provide seperate "Steam version patches but not all, an other thing is that its happened more than once that files turned out to be infected by Viruses or Trojans.

    So my advice would be alway buy the Disk version of the game, or buy it straight from the Developers website, dont use Steam.
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    I've been using it for close to two years and this is the first problem I've had with Steam. The important thing is that the game is still able to be played and I'm glad to have made the purchase. And while I've been reinstalling I've been looking around the community and I'm excited to get involved as much as I can especially with online and the modding community. Seems Sturmovik was a good choice to enter into the Flight Sim arena with.
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    Online is the best part of the game, so aslong as everything works online its fine.

    Maybe if you know someone who has the game you can figure out wich files are missing/corrupted and copie them from him to your computer.
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