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    Just to let anyone know about them the four are:

    Initiation: Access and execute an event of the 2nd chapters of the italians wars set; the memory of francesco Vecellio 5U

    Evangelist: add 5 friends to your network 10U

    Mole: access and execute a contract triggered from the console game AC:B 15U

    Faithful: Play PL once a day for 10 consecutive days. 20U

    Well thats two i'm owed still.

    I can post the rewards if anyone is interested as well.

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    It looks like these are retroactively applied, so if you've done any of these things you have to do them again to get the reward.

    Also, you get 10 points just for linking your uplay account to Facebook.
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    Don't know why but I've tried to link accounts using the link in the uplay tab on project legacy and it takes me to my uplay profile page but I've not been awarded the 10 points for linking the 2, is anyone else having this problem?
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    I've got a question about the Mole. Do I only have to execute a contract in Project Legacy, or do I also have to do something in Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, on my Xbox 360, to get the 15U?
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    its just execute a contract in PL in the 'contract' section which becomes available once you sync PL with AC:B.

    I have not got the was owed, but i did have to re-do them to get the points.
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    Can't get Initiation to unlock, wasted AP on several of Vecellio's memory events and nothing. Anyone else have issues triggering this Uplay requirement?
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    done 3/4 actions and still nothing - need to get 5 friends so I am hoping that after got that the other 3 will ping.
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    yep this update is fail cant get it to sync with uplay cant click on half of the stuff in legacy and for the amount of grind the game has its not worth it you get little to no reward in acb. i was hoping for another quest chain or something besides capes and money i don't need. it doesn't even give you a reward for pvp SUPER LAME.

    huge disappointment imho.
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    personally I think that the U-play points should double up for the contracts so that you can get extra uplay for AC:B. Sucks that have to choose to either get uplay points for use in AC:B or AC:PL... I'm gonna choose AC:B over PL and give up on PL once I have all the uplay points. Annoying as I am a completionist but never mind eh...
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    most of the stuff isnt worth it in project grind... uplay reward wise... i see no loss. also i would use the points i have already earned BUT TOOOO BAD ITS ME BLACKSMITH, cant because i cant get it to recognize me.
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