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    Does anyone know if the F5F-5 used to have a mirror in PF 3.0? For some reason I thought there used to be one, and in 3.01 it's gone?

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    me too.

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    F6F Hellcats should have a mirror. I have been looking at a bunch of pictures recently and in all of them I see a mirror on the inside top of the canopy frame.

    I don't think it was ever included in the game though. Why not? How could one miss something that is in so many real historical photos.

    I hope that it gets fixed. Hellcat has pretty poor rear viz.

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    I checked in 3.0 and the mirror was never there, bummer. I got a job for my crew chief.
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    I've seen Hellcats with mirrors but they look like after market equipment to me. Bunch of different styles. Mustangs are the same way, who knows where some of those got their mirrors from. I've even read references to german pilots checking mirrors in 109s (obviously added in the field).
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    If you feel the need to have a mirror, work on your situational awareness skills. Not to mention your combat skills for letting somebody get back there.

    By the time you see an enemy clearly back there, it's too late. Yer dead.
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