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    I see all kinds of announcements about the new DLC, but I see nowhere any info how and where to buy it?
    I live in Europe, and I wonder; will it be download? Or package in shops?
    If it is download, where to buy?
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    The clue is kinda in the name; it's downloadable content, you download it from either XBL or PSN.
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    this being the PC forum, the downloadable content being on XBL or PSN doesn't really help.
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    yea im kinda confused, i hope pc players will be able to get the dlc too, if not, well im done with ubisoft i think

    edit: btw i saw some guys on pc already playing the new charaters, one of them was lvl 2 so clearly he didnt get it from the leadeboards contest.... inform us ubisoft!!! u wanna milk so much money then at least give us the information where to buy this!! :P
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    great thanks

    edit: although it is weird that theres still 30 more minutes to the release and yet i saw at least 5 people today already playing the new characters, and they were much lower levels so theres no way they got it from the leaderboard contest... but whatever guess ill have to wait a few more minutes
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    Hi there,

    The new DLC will be available on many digital download sites - such as ubishop and steam (and others)

    Re some people already with it - some reviewers have access already so some maybe playing
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