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    <span class="ev_code_RED">Okay, so I fixed me previous problem with the "Error Code 1" and I get yet another error. I get this error message when I start Splinter Cell conviction. Conviction_game.exe has stopped working. K? And No it's not my anti virus or anything to do with DEP or anything. I have tried re-installing the game. Help. o.o pls.</span>
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    my eyeeeeeeeees aaaaaaaaah

    dont type in red please :0

    i wish i could help you also im having the same problem too i cant play mp i get an error code and the game loses enternet connection every 5 minites

    so lets wait for more patches
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    MAN! I can help you.. but only if you have ATI driver.. if you do have one you will need to download ATI CCC (search trough GOOGLE) download THEN UPDATE YOUR DRIVER TO ATI Catalyst 10.4a driver!!! UNBELIEVABLE!!! it worked!!!
    I was searching for this fix like 48 hours! damn!
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    <span class="ev_code_RED">Doesn't work at all.</span>
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    learn to use your software ROFL loser.
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    Originally posted by Limerick_:
    learn to use your software ROFL loser.
    Judging by your way of saying things and lack of social skills I came to a conclusion that you are not old enough to play games which are rated M for mature.

    Could you be so kind to tell your mom that she should confiscate your copy of the game?
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    my game randomly crash sometimes (happened maybe 5 times over 10 hours gameplay), and each time I quit the game it gives the Stopped Working error
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