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    Originally posted by HotSpace:
    Yeah it will be a great help if folks could give a hand as my time is limited these days on the Net
    I maybe able to help,please check pms
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    Well, now that it's there, might as well add Illusions, Incidents and Invasion.

    Fokker D-XXI Dutch campaign, tells the story of the Dutch squadron 1.JaVA.
    15 missions, 74 skins.
    compatibility 4.09m


    Cheers m8, thx
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    Episode 8 and the last for "Un Français libre" campaign.


    Available on france-simulation.com (download page)

    My full campaign (8 episode) represent 4 years of work, 273 missions and 526 skins.

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    Here is a link to my unmodded campaigns all lovingly hosted by Mission4Today.com


    I'll go and add some more links to other makers' campaigns.
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    The collected works of bird_brain, one of the pioneers of IL2 campaigns and the man who taught so many tricks to the rest of us.


    The voluminous and highly acclaimed compendium of Phil_K's work. Excellent range of subjects covered - you'll find almost any theatre you are looking for and such a variety of planes, too.

    The ever-popular Battle of Britain is covered well in Cobra's two campaigns:

    Mariskal steps up with some campaigns on the early days of the war.

    One of the classic campaigns, both in IL2 and in real life. The flying Tigers! Chris Blair's "White Sun, Blue Sky".

    For more "Forgotten battles" you'll want to have a looksee at Poltava's campaigns.

    Where it began (for me). Extreme_One and Poymando's Battle over Britain campaign. This has been updated. A classic.

    Vole chimes in with another interesting array of naval campaigns, as well a s a couple for and against the Vichy French.


    These campaigns are all unmodded.

    Here is the link for M4T's selection of campaigns requiring mods. Remember though that they are not responsible for tech support for mod issues.
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