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    I would like to get any advice as to how one is supposed to make the best use of the reticle (not sure if that is the right term). Its the floating circle just below the gunsight in the pic below:

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    Hi Catandra.

    It's been a while since I used that view.
    That looks like an indication of your true line of flight. It points in the actual direction that you are going.
    So, with that snapshot, going by the position of the gunsight alone you look to be in lead pursuit of the target, whereas the pipper shows you're actually in a pure pursuit at that moment in time.

    In that shot, if you flaten the turn a little and apply some power, you'd increase lift and the pipper would 'rise' and be more in-line with the gunsight. As lift decreases, so does the pipper if your attitude stays the same.

    I think...

    It's useful also for landings since it helps in calculating your rate of descent. Where the pipper touches the ground, that's where you'll touch down.

    Check the links here:


    There's bound to be a better explanation somewhere...

    Hope this helps.

    Ahh - Just remembered, I think it's called a 'lift vector'. There again...

    Good luck.
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    That small floating dot is a Vector Velocity Indicator. It is most useful for making landings on aircraft carriers.
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    Think of it this way, the larger reticle represents where the nose of your aircraft is pointing and the smaller one represents where the aircraft itself is heading. Like berg said, it's useful when making carrier landings although it's helpful no matter where you are landing and it's also useful when flying at low level to stay out of the weeds.

    Aim using the larger reticle.

    Good hunting,
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    Thanks Gents,

    I found it useful for landings (particularly on carriers) but I always wondered if the recticle was where the cannons were supposed to intersect or something like that. Thanks for clarifying it for me.
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