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    Will Myst 4 be released for the Wii at any time? I see it went out for XBox in 2005. I would love to get this on my Wii.

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    Welcome to the Forums!

    Having been released in 2004, Myst IV: Revelation is now an ancient game.

    Ubisoft isn't especially known for releasing ports to other platforms for its old games. It's therefore unlikely that Revelation will be ported to the Wii by Ubi.

    But you never know, maybe Nintendo will buy the rights to Revelation and publish for the Wii. (Don't hold your breath while waiting, however, lest you end up looking like a giant Smurf....)
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    Nintendo wouldn't be interested in a game like Myst IV; it's too big, it's too resource intensive (The Wii uses a Radeon 9800 and has no internal hard disk drive) and it's too much effort for the money they'd receive from it.
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    So no luck in trying to get remakes on the next gen consoles like PS3 or Xbox 360 where they could actually make true ages to explore? Damn, sitting on a gold mine here people
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    They have brought out Myst for the iPod/iPhone and I hear rumours that Riven is to be realeased soon - if it hasn't been released already.
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    I purchased every myst game released for the PC over the year and also the anniversary edition cause it was nice riven was on DVD and not 5 Discs. And would But them all over again if they worked on the WII.. Hopefully with the rumors of the NEW HiDef WII coming out maybe it will get them to possibly recreate the games again and rebirth them to a whole new generation that is not familiar with the games.
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