Here are some **free** utilities for extracting goodies from Revelation files, editing saved games, and playing in-game music.

1. Ron Hayter's Revelator allows extracting in-game snapshots and journal entries from saved game files. Revelator can also extract sounds, movies, pictures, and subtitles from Revelation data files.

The Mac OS X and Windows versions of Revelator are available here:
-- For Mac (revelator.sit)
-- For Windows (

Win XP saved games are located in the C:\Documents and Settings\<your_user_name>\My Documents\myst4-revelation savegames folder.

And for extracting sounds, movies, and pictures from other Myst-series games, try Riveal, Ron's other extractor. Riveal also extracts media from Myst IV and is more comprehensive than Revelator in what it extracts.
-- Riveal for Mac
-- Riveal for Windows

2. realXCV's Revelation Editor allows making changes to Myst IV - Revelation saved games. For example, you can use it to skip a puzzle or a speech. It's also a powerful node viewer that displays not only cube pictures but also most of what you see in the game.

Revelation Editor Version 0.8.3 for Windows is available here.

See also the Revelation Editor changelog.

Plus, these Myst III: Exile utilities are also available from realXCV:
-- Myst III Alt-Tab Patch
-- Myst III - music player


Cube Viewer is available here. This predecessor to Revelation Editor, originally released in 2006, has been re-released. This utility extracts node pictures from Myst IV and displays them in a 3D cube, allowing a full 360° view. It's very easy to use.

3. realXCV's Myst IV - music player allows playing the in-game music sequences. Some of these songs cannot be played by conventional music players because the sequences are made up of multiple files.

The Mac OS X and Windows versions of the music player are available here.