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    Very nice clouds. Very nice Cockpit (singular). Nice vehicle suspension. Nice water.

    "Excruciating historical accuracy" & "Easilly surprised award-winning quality of Il-2 Sturmovik, aircraft and cockpits restored in our new simulator are exact copies of their war-time prototypes"

    Worried that the demo video stutters. What chance has my rig got if Oleg's can't cope? The terrain looks a little reminiscent of EAW from altitude, and I haven't seen a Whirlwind yet...but what the heck - count me in.

    And one last point - why did this appear on SimHQ before Ubi (who share the end credit logo)?
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    Did someone noticed that there are two different graphic engines in the flight sequence?
    First, the new engine with Spit Mk.I's, then Spit Mk.V in the old IL-2 engine altough with new clouds (wich are very good for "flying sensation" IMO)...
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    Worried that the demo video stutters. What chance has my rig got if Oleg's can't cope?
    It seems like they captured that choppy video at a lower FPS than the rest of the movie.

    If it was performance based, the FPS would be more variable.

    Real-time video capture is not practical on any machine, even in FB/PF. Movie makers usually use time compression and capture at a low frame rate.
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    Uploading the video to youtube now, but it may take a while (40MB at 8-10KBPS)

    Will re-post when its done (its now at 36%), feel free to put it in original post
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    Originally posted by slappedsilly:
    I don't have the codec Please help
    the media player should download it, if it does not do a google search for it.
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    Do I fly low enough to see throuh the open door of a car?...Why yes! I do! Can only emagine what some of the movie makers will do with that kind of detail
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    Youtube link, hosted on my account... feel free to put on original post or do whatever you want with it :-)
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    Just watched it too. Better appearance evrything? Oh dear! Stiglr is going to be in here any minute...
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    I don't like to sound as if I'm complaining, but...(I've said this before):
    The houses on the maps look wrong.

    The long side of the houses should face the road. This is vital if the towns are to look realistic. The door is usually on that side of the house and that faces the road on most English houses. At the moment the houses look like toy blocks.

    I know that the modellers probably don't know how a British town should look, that is exactly why I'm pointing this out.
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    Originally posted by Skunk241981:
    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by Fighterduck:
    nice....but presonally nothing that impressed me at the moment.
    What did you expect? Something revolutionary?

    Basically its just FB+AEP+PF with moderately improved visuals. </div></BLOCKQUOTE>

    Where you get that? BoB plane models will have distributed weight and more detailed internals.
    The "BoB" FM we have is partial, our planes do not have distributed weight as may be noted that
    center of mass does not change with fuel use but IIRC does when bombs are dropped, they are
    external models themselves. The graphics look better because the models are detailed far more.
    I think they have a new 3D engine but then they'd need to to get the 3DoF that IL2 won't
    mostly-flawlessly support.
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