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    I'm Israel at the moment, with a lot of spare time, and I'm a total nerd. Don't judge me, man.

    But anywho, I just spent a few days seeing the sights in Akko (Acre). There's not a huge lot left from the period in question, but there are these tunnels running from both the Templar and the Hospitaller fortresses (or what's left of them) to the port. They looked exactly like every dungeon or sewer I've ever seen in a game. Ever. I was half expecting to see a generic giant rat around every bend. So I just want it known (in case anyone in the know is watching) that sewer levels suck. Hard. Really; they're lame and overdone. Resist the urge!
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    I don't know what to say, pal. A bit rambling maybe, but it made sense to me...
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    I haven't seen any pictures of Altair traversing the sewers but I wouldn't be surprised if you do in the game. Sewers can often provide a good secluded place to hide or travel in.
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    Naa I don't think they'd do that, it seems like it'd be boring to be running through a sewer system, no parkour type stuff, no crowds, just....boring
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    I could see it being included as an option but not a nesessity(sp) I could see in heat of chase and struggling to get away from guards that I'd consider it as an option, although boring I"m sure it would prove affective.
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    Dang that would be awsome if they had sewers. I love having a travel system thats away from the eyes and ears of the guards. And since the game is "historically acurate" there shouldnt be any giant rats either
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    Remember though that the cd the game is on can only hold so much, if they include sewers it wouldnt even be that good and just take up more space on the disc
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    I'm sure if sewers were to be included it wouldn't just be tacked on. I'm not really worried about them running out of disc space either. I don't think they'll put sewers in the game though, just doesn't seem like it would fit in the game.
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    Although the original poster mentions sewers from the fortresses to the port, I would have thought they would only be useful for Altair to use to gain access to those fortresses (if they are in the game) - medieval middle-eastern cities aren't well known for networks of sewers - heck we only got them in the UK once the Victorians built them didn't we? Well ones large enough for a man to traverse, anyway.
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