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    What is onboard video and is it possible to disable it? Thanks for any comments.
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    Onboard video refers to a video card integrated into the motherboard. They are usually low-cost solutions and therefore junk.

    Most modern integrated cards will automatically disable themselves if another video card is installed.

    If not, you might check the BIOS for it.
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    I got an onboard video card and indeed, it is the worst junk I've ever seen. Those onboard video cards are usually used for low-budget PCs, and much more than use Word or Internet Explorer isn't possible with these cards. Most of the computers who have an onboard video card, also don't have an AGP port (I'm one of those ), so buying a new video card will become difficult. If you wan't to play games on such a PC, buy a PCI video card. These aren't as good as the AGP video cards, but always better than an onboard one
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    go into the device manager, you can turn it off from within there or the BIOS.
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