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    Hello Joe! I carefully read your post but I have problems with rendering in Premiere CS4 that i use for the first time (have no expirience with it): My export video is very bad whatever codec to use, Xvid, DivX or even lossless Lagarith, I don't know how to install HuffyUV but I believe that it couldn't change it to much. Video size changes drastically but quality is still low, blury, unsharp like it is overcompressed. There is no change when try different formats. My game resolution is 1024 x 768, fraps record 25 fps (same resolution) and export settings 720 x 576 25fps or 1024 x 768 25 fps. In VirtualDub with same codecs quality is excellent, much better and much smaller than Premiere's uncompressed video file. What do I wrong with it? Premiere's owner have expirience with camera video records but cannnot help me with Fraps records
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    I have not compress any move before.
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    Format Factory is a good tool to compress movies. I've compressed a movie around 1.2 GB to 860 MB. You can watch or download movies in compressed format from the various platform.
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    I found some great apps to compress movies

    I was looking to compress movies but wasn't able to do with traditional ways. Then after searching on the internet for hours, I found a list of file compression software. You can check them out. It should help you in the way it did to me.
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