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    Someone I know, has AC for the 360 and they were on the last group of assassination targets before Robert, and randomly a clone of Altair formed and stated attacking them. If they kill it, they die, if they run away and it gets killed by a guard, they die. She tried turning off the 360 and starting it up again, but the clone was still there.
    Did this happen to anyone?
    If so, how did you fix it?
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    You mean near the battle of Arsuf? My 360 went up in smoke 30 minutes into playing the game a week or more ago but I have read around the forums:

    Some people have this and some don't. You could find the threads or follow what ever typing is below this:

    First: Bring a horse to where your double apears. Get off and double appears...then get back on your horse and ride to where the enemy appearently is....or where you can't take your horse anyfarther....do something else and your home free.

    Second: Someone suggested that if you have another controller....turn it on after your 360 and then start up AC. After that turn off other controller before your double appears. I have not tried this (because I can't) but I am sure it might work.
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    It wasnt near the battle that, it was memory block 5 i think. But i will tell them to try it anyway. thx
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