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    The bad reviews I've read for this game had personal disagreements with individual aspects of the game that skewed their overall experience.

    I've played games for nearly my entire life. I got my first NES I would guess around the age of 5 or 6 and I'm 20 right now. I've played nearly every major system that's been out since the original NES.

    As an avid gamer, these days it takes a lot to impress me. With a market full of copy-cat first person shooters and cheap games made to turn a quick profit, companies no longer take risks and no longer strive as much as they used to to innovate. Assassin's Creed is an extremely refreshing change of pace.

    This game is beautiful in so many ways. Stepping out into the cities almost leaves me breathless everytime I turn the game on. I've never seen so many NPCs going about their business in such a dynamic way. The distant views put Elder Scrolls 4 to shame. The animations are some of the most fluid I've seen, especially considering the vast amounts of positions and movements in the game. And the overall attention to detail is fantastic.

    While some reviewers complain about the story, no one can say it's not a fresh and unique storyline. Its a very creative story unlike anything else available.

    Another complaint I've read was about some rather bad AI moments in the game. Yes, there are some. Does it ruin the game? Not at all. People say the guards fight you one at a time, I've been stabbed in the back plenty of times trying to fight another guard. An increased difficulty setting would be a very desired addition. The texture loading/glitching complaints can hardly be game ruining when you look at how amazing the game's graphics are overall. I've experienced only a few very minor slow downs when playing at 1080p.

    This is definately a great game and the IP has a HUGE amount of potential. For its first installment it is simply an amazing game. Some will not like the story, some won't like a few bad AI moments, some will find it too easy, but I don't think anyone can argue that this is a unique and refreshing game. This will definately be a game that pushes future games in a better direction. It also shows the potential games have at this point and time. My $60 was well worth my experience in AC.

    Downloadable content and patches have huge potential with this game as well. Hopefully the game gets enough support from gamers to warrant the investment in AC2 and great downloadable content.

    Great Job Ubisoft Montreal! Thanks for a great game.
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    I like Gametrailer's review for the game. It seemed quite honest and fair.
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    Too right alot of people cant be arsed to read my comments on it but aside from the repativeness and the ease of the game its defo an awesome game.
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    I give them props for attempting something new and I certainly hope they attempt to grow the franchise moving forward. As an "assassin" game though I think they failed to beat out those that have come before them. Not the end of the world, certainly, but there's definitely room for improvement.

    The game has four genres it tries to mix together (this is where they get props, but it's not done perfectly):

    Platforming - Check.

    Combat - Check.

    Stealth - Not check, there's no real stealth mechanic in play here. Not the end of the world but this is the perfect plot environment for a character also capable of breaking into a target's home.

    Stealth Killing - Not check, there's no path of making it look like an accident, or never being identified as the killer. Brutal daylight murder followed by a chase or large fight sequence. This is where the game fails for me, it's not assassination, it's vigilante murder.

    There's definite potential here, and it's a solid 8 or 9/10 game. It's not perfect though, and not of a better production value than several games that have come before it and one coming after it. It's certainly less creative (in execution, not in theory) than some of the games released recently, as it lacks creative assassination elements done years ago in 5 or 6/10 games.

    I'm not surprised that the one game that I was looking forward to this fall that isn't a Editor's Choice product is the one that was the most secretive prior to release. That's a pretty big red flag typically. Here's hoping they mix a bit of Splinter Cell and Hitman into the big Prince of Persia pot this was brewed in.
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    yea i don't trust reviews at all. Tenchu Z got terrible reviews, but i still found it fun and worth playing.

    i realy hope they keep adding downloadable content, maybe like new targets or something, you know something that will keep you playing the game.
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    personally, i am pretty happy with the scores it got. i never expected a perfect game. i knew there would be flaws. but having a 9/10 average, and also being the first game of it's class, i would say i am pretty impressed. im just sad because the game is sitting in my basement but i cant play it until friday.
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    Game still looks really good... conflicting reviews and other sources varied scores has me slightly worried but i'll prolly get it anyways
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    I was really really looking forward to this game but I did get caught up in all the hype and thought it was going to be a sure contender for game of the year, possibly decade. That being said I knew what aspects I thought would would end up lacking some substance. I still haven't played it yet and look forward to purchasing it on Friday when it's released here in Ireland.

    But is it as good as you were expecting? I'm a fanatic for games with a full and firm substance to them and I was fully convinced that it was going to be a complete game, but after reading some reviews I've found that the areas I thought the game was going to be lacking in are those that are coming under scrutiny.

    I'm sure it's a good game, it looks like one of the most fantastic to date, but could anyone answer me if it's the game that they thought it was really going to be? (Unnecessary "yet to be unfolded" DNA storyline that I could never see fitting aside)
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    the contrasting scores have me thinking the outlooks on the game are truely a matter of opinion. A love it or hate it type game
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    Well this game is trying to be historically accurate, and the clan Altair is in did not believe in making stuff look like accidents. They believed in murdering someone with a sword or a knife, thats why all kills are done close combat (for people wanting the game to have "accident" kills).
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