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    Bit of a spoiler below, I guess.

    So I just fought Rodrigo Borgia and then watched the cutscene before performing the leap of faith.

    The problem is, I missed the next cutscene and just ended up as Desmond in an empty hideout.

    Anyone know what to do? Thanks.

    EDIT: Oops, that was the wrong thread wasn't it?
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    By the sounds of it, you're experiencing a glitch that prevents you from completing the game. Ubisoft did release a patch to fix this for the 360 and PS3, so if your playing on one of those then you'll need to download the patch. If your playing on PC, then I don't know what you can do. I would've guessed Ubisoft would have fixed this while the game were unreleased.

    Before restarting the game, post your problem into the Community Technical section of the forum.

    Also, Black_Widow9 (one of the moderators) usually suggests to most people to use this website, Ubisoft Support.
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    I'm playing on the xbox, but I don't have live right now, so I can't download a patch. I guess I'll stop playing until I have live then.

    Another thing I noticed was that I could run out of a door and fall about 50 metres into a huge ocean of muddy water, so i think you're right.

    Just out of curiosity, what WAS meant to happen?
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    You were quite near the end of the game. You can watch what happens on youtube probably, but without giving too much detail, you're meant to see Desmond in the chair and he tells Lucy that he wants doesn't want to rest, but to go back into the animus. Without DLC, you go straight into memory sequence 14 and given a quick briefing on what has happened to Rodrigo Borgia between Memory sequence 11 and 14 (DLC is 12 and 13) and Ezio has to work out where the Vault is (discussed in game) and also has to kill Rodrigo.
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