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    It is supposed to have a fully clickable VC, engine damage model, stall buffet, and visual G effects. Sounds interesting. Anyone try this out?


    I have their SF260 which was pretty impressive.
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    Got it last week. Very nice indeed! The VC is
    amazing along with the sound. Even though I
    can't take it to a fight it's been loads of
    fun just flying around in it. I would highly
    recommend it if you have FS 2004.

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    Hehe, yea I've been thinking about getting that one.
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    Very good news Jadgeschwader2! Just curious - Is the cockpit really fully functional? How does the FM compare to what IL2 has (I know we don't have the Griffon variety)?
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    The cockpit is indeed fully functional. In fact
    they decided to leave out the 2D cockpit completely. I never did like the 2D cockpits
    anyway. In place of the 2D cockpit is a set
    of gauges for those that like the wonder woman view. You can select the stock WW2 cockpit
    or the modernized version with a VOR and COMM and NAV radios. You can also use the Garmin GPS.
    One thing I noticed not working by switch anyway
    was the ability to shift the supercharger and
    after reading the manual it seems that this is
    not possible due to limitations with FS2004. In
    other words it's automatic. I've had her up to
    26k so far and she flew great and even left a condensation trail. The FM is amazing! You
    actually vibrate in the cockpit while the engine is at idle. The torque on take off
    and in flight has to be experienced. She
    seems to have fairly stiff elevators over 300 MPH but rolls like a dream. Although the elevators were stiff at high speed I had absolutely no trouble making tight turns and even managed to black out on several ocassions. Once I pulled hard right while coming out of a power dive at about 350mph and I heard the wing creak! The XIV is a much heavier aircraft than
    the Mk V and with the higher power of the Griffon it is a completely different machine.
    I have a very nice book called "Spitfire Flying
    Legend" and Andy Sephton a Rolls-Royce test pilot and display pilot for the Shuttleworth Trust says the earlier mark the better as far as handling is concerned while the later the mark
    the more engine power. It would seem that he favors the Mk V from what I've read. The XIV
    FM seems to be fairly accurate from what I've read although I don't claim to be a pilot either. I'll just say that it looks good
    on paper anyway. High rate of climb with
    great high altitude performance. High roll
    rate but stiff elevators at speeds over 300
    MPH. Also it generates a massive amount of torque which I find really addictive. You
    must be much more careful on landing in FS2004 than you do in IL-2 which seems more accurate to me. But I do not favor FS2004 over IL-2.
    I wish IL-2 had the FS2004 weather and high alttitude model and the night sky but thats about it. I think you will be very satisfied with this product ucanfly.

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    Have read a review on Justflights and that gets some excellent reviews too..

    BTW Ucanfly

    "I have their SF260 which was pretty impressive."

    Don't beat flying in the real thing, I used to look after this one Oh and yep, that last shot is of us formating on a Lancaster Bomber in **** weather

    bigger shot of cockpit

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    So this Spit add on is it in a kit that you pay for r is it downloadable like the 1% planes.
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    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Bearcat99:
    So this Spit add on is it in a kit that you pay for r is it downloadable like the 1% planes. <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    It's $35.00 from www.realair.com. Let the whiners think about that. Just think how
    many planes Oleg and crew have given us for
    free. It is very nice though and I don't
    regret paying for it. I also have the
    260 and also the Super Decathlon. The XIV
    is a 46mb download and they give you some
    scenery and a slew of skins. Also clipped
    wing versions a reno race version and an
    experimental counter rotating prop model.
    A nice package indeed.

    Wow Talortony doesn't need a sim he does it
    for real! You lucky dog!

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    Thanks for all the info Jagdgeschwader2. Sounds like a fantastic addon!! Supercharger is auto on alot of Allied planes in IL2 anyway so no big deal. Particularly like the torque effects stuff you mentioned and vibration.

    I agree Taylortony that there is no substitute for the real thing, and am very envious of your pictures. Nice. Justflights looks interesting too, Thanks.

    Bearcat, the real air planes for FS2004 are payware and can be downloaded from http://www.realairsimulations.com/ for 25 euros which works out to $35 USD from what I understand. The file size is 44 MB I believe.
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    The SF260 is the school example how Italians can design any ordinary machine so it looks like it could win a world beauty contest

    Italian machines (cars ships and aircraft) always look a bit more beautifull then their foreign counterparts.
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