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    About a year ago, I saw one of the most impressive funny kills ever. I was cruising in a 109 over enemy territory looking for a target. I saw two planes fairly close together as I approached, It was a p40 on a 190's low 6. I was in the middle of typing a warning to the 190 when I see a friendly plane engage the p40. It was an He111 going about 600 kph in a perfect B&Z. The wing blew off the p40 and the 111 pulled back up to altitude and nonchalantly typed "6 is clear."
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    Offline, but my favourite ever...

    Swooped on 3 He IIIs in a Yak 9, damaging the lead left one badly, and as I shot under his belly, saw a grey blur in front of me... and then a black screen.

    Saved the track, and on playback: he jettisoned his bombs straight on top of me. Killing me... himself... and the other two Heinkels.
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