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    im gunna give this 'posting a picture or 6' a go. ive never done this stuff before so i hope the thing works.

    i was tracking a sound contact of multiple merchants and had guesstimated its position to be some way off, when the watch officer calls "ship spotted!" a crash dive and a peek later showed a quick steaming clemmson, so i plotted an intercept.

    being 1940 i even visualised the ensign, then ran tube 1 from about 1500.

    when it impacted the ship erupted into a spectacular fireball the lasted about 2-4min, i went to roving camera and the noise was awesome. the pics are a sample from port-aft-starboard , it sank soon after.

    i post this as its just gotta be one of the most spectacular (and scary) sights in this effort.

    hope the pics will be below.
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    Oops think something went wrong with the links of the pics, did you upload them all correctly?
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    ha! so much for simple technology eh! im thinkin uve gotta be a computer engineer just to get anything to work (computer industry are you listening??). i,ll try again.....

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    ok, firstly ive aligned the pics from the left yet theyre in pairs.

    next, im copying the photobucket URLs from the image option (there are 3, URL,TAG and IMG). ive proof-read each line as accurate.

    where's my lugar?!
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    You need to copy and paste the IMG one on photobucket into the posting box, or copy and paste the URL from the picture into the Img url thingy on the second from right in the toolbar when posting.

    Sounds like you have uploaded the images alright. I don't know what else to advise
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    god help me.

    look, i give up!

    you'll just have to take my word, it looked great (at least i managed THAT!) i'll go and try and get an education .

    "herr leutnant pass ze lugar, danke!"
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    Ha ha ha, reminds me of when I first used photobucket.

    Don´t worry, you´ve almost got it. Those links are only one step away from complete victory. Click on the link and you´ll see the photo. Look at the bottom of the photo and you´ll see tow links, both in blue. Click on the left and another window opens. Take the URL from the new window and then ctrl + c.

    Now, open your reply in here, in the thread and look at the top bar. You see something that looks like a little photo. Click on it and paste your URL in there. It should look like this after.

    Good luck dude. Don´t give up yet.
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    Use imageshack.com its much better
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