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    i wanted to do this for quite some time now, but actually started working on "feasibility" about a week ago, and i made some pretty good progress:

    i managed to figure out the character model, skeleton and animation formats used in rs. i'm now actually able to animate characters (CRP+SKL) through any motion (DAM). (skinning should work too...). in my sandbox d3d app.

    as i always thought the animations were cornerstone, i got pretty enthusiastic, which is why i'm posting here.

    here's my idea on what could be done next, please comment:

    - the (HYPOTHETICAL) rogue spear fan-remake project would REQUIRE THE ORIGINAL DATA FILES (thus legal ownership of rs), using most of the original content (sounds, music, objects and character models, skins, weapons/equipment data)

    - it would first create a multiplayer game with its own engine (or an existing open source one)

    - it could be made platform independent.

    - i'm not sure i want to figure out how to read levels... should i, or would it make more sense to remake maps to fit the HYPOTHETICAL choice of engine.

    most importantly:
    - would anyone be interested in playing it?
    - would anyone be interested in helping with development?
    - what would ubi say?


    edit: got skinning to work... so updated screenshot to skinned rs dude in arctic heavy making a phone call (rwtu_p16.DAM) /notice the faceplate missing... not loading transparent rsb-s yet/

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    I'd prefer a remake from scratch on a modern engine (which would be alot of work), either Source or Unreal 3. But good luck with your project. I think loads of old R6 fans would be interested in playing it. Even if it required that you have legal copy of Rogue Spear I think Ubi would still give it trouble because you are utilzing its files, also calling it Rainbow Six might cause problems too. So making it from scratch would be the best idea or using a game with content similar to R6 already. Ask around on forums for help like moddb and let them know that you are serious about this so you have a better chance of getting help.
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    I'm curious of what are you trying to accomplish here

    Are you working to get better models ingame (more polygons)???? animations textures etc?

    or this is a total engine overhaul
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    mostly i'd want to recreate the multiplayer experience. with the pacing and "realizm" of the original.

    yes, the engine would be re-done.

    i would definitely bring effects up to date: lighting, smoke, explosion, flashes.

    improving models and textures would also be possible, the remake could easily support .md5 or other open formats (so content could be created with quark, or whatever yuo fancy).
    imho: for the tactical shooter experience rs's models are perfectly adequate: higher res models/textures are ONLY good for making better screenshots, they add very little (if anything) to gameplay value.

    starting up an OPEN tactical shooter project from scratch is next to impossible, even with the open engines out there. the reason being EXACTLY the cost of content creation, ESPECIALLY models and (good - possibly mocap based) animation. (believe me, i've tried :-)
    the content in rs is top-notch, and most importantly, already done.

    also note that doing a COMMERCIAL tactical shooter is also very hard (believe me, friends of mine have tried), exactly because the customer base - us - is very small (compared to other categories), yet the content is very expensive - for reasons above, also add research, consultants and brand licensing (why stalker had fake names for guns)...

    these are probably the very reasons why there hasn't been an rs-like game since, and why r6 has turned into a console action brand.
    btw: i've contacted ubi for their opinion, currently waiting on their reply..
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    I would love to see a remake of rogue spear as well. there has not been anouther game like R6 or rogue spear in a long time. I loved the clan matches and the 1-1 experiance you had. Please consider makeing anouther one just upgraded for newer computers. but keep it the same as possable not like the new games that have come out where you cant clan battle or even 1v1 battle. The maps are great you can even change them some if needed but they where perfect before.
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    thought so...
    i'm gonna try figure out the map format next...
    my thought exactly. its why i want to remake multiplayer more than anything else :-)
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    Wow, I'd be very in support of this and would be prepared to help out any way I could. I hope this idea hasn't died a death in the last month, before it's even got off the ground. Have any of you guys that have been in contact with Ubi heard back from them?
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    I havet heard anything back yt but would lovethis to come out. I thin this is by far the best game they have ever made along with rainbow 6 if they made a new one i know of atleast 100 people that would buy t right out.
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    How do you edit the motion/skeletons? Is there a program that can open the .DAM extension? I havent been able to crack it.

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    I dont knw how but i think tey should just remake it an do themselfs a favor and make the money.
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