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    I managed to make it work! Thanks a bunch! But now I'm having some trouble with Myst 4...unfortunately, I'm not exactly using a legitimate copy of Myst 4, so that could be the problem. Any thoughts?
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    Thanks for your concern Gannet7.
    I know you mean well, but I consider your suggestion to rewrite the Patcher's script is a huge over-reaction, especially when there's no proof that a genuine problem exists.
    A one-off anomaly can happen for any reason. Unless it happens consistently, there's nothing to fix!
    Besides, my installer (and this topic) is all about using the official Patcher as is, not rewriting something that already works.
    For now, I'm satisfied that everything's fine, but thanks anyway.
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    It's okay, I wasn't really serious . That said, the operation is pretty simple, as outlined on the previous page - it would certainly be simpler than the code you've already written around it.
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    I've recently been trying to get my myst 3,4 & 5 games to run on my mac. I've had success with 3 and 4, but nothing I do with 5 seems to work. I've been through all 60+ pages of this post and pretty much have given up. I was on OS Yosemite and how am on Sierra. Isn't there some full blown universal installer that can be used?
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    Hi mugsytoo.

    Unless your Mac originally shipped with OS X 10.6, your only option for playing Myst V on a Mac running OS X 10.7 or later is to play it from a compatible OS installed inside a Virtual Machine, as created by a traditional virtualization program (such as Parallels or the free VirtualBox).

    The Myst V Mac Installer is strictly for use with the Mac version of Myst V, and as such, will only install the game to a compatible version of OS X.

    In this case, Snow Leopard Server (Apple part: MC588) is the only compatible version of OS X that's also supported as a "Guest OS" (for installation into a VM).

    It's not advertised on the website, but should be available from the Apple Online Store (by phone order only) for the same price as the regular Client version.
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