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    Automatically link the Mac_Intel patch to your version of the Myst V DVD - The Complete Installation Solution!

    UPDATE 24 April 2010
    The issue with Snow Leopard has been resolved. Refer to my post #51 for more info and an updated script which replaces the one published below. The comments in this post remain relevant. Thanks for your patience.

    UPDATE 21 May 2010
    My Myst V Mac Installer application is now available for download. It bundles an edited version of my latest script with an appropriately modified copy of the official Ubisoft Patcher... there's no need to download the Patcher separately. Works with any Myst V DVD and any compatible version of OS X.

    UPDATE MAY 2013
    Added trial support for 3-CD set of Myst V to Myst V Mac Installer (OS X 10.4 thru 10.6.8).

    UPDATE SEPT 2013
    The Mac version of Myst V isn't compatible with OS X 10.7 or later, however you may still be able to run Snow Leopard on your Mac.
    Please check out this Apple Discussion article to determine if your Mac is capable of running Snow Leopard on a partition. If not, you may have the option of running it inside a virtualization program (such as Parallels, Fusion, or VirtualBox)… you'll find a link inside the article.

    UPDATE SEPT 2016
    For basic requirements to play the Mac version of Myst V on OS X 10.7 or later, please refer to my post #75.

    Hi fellow Myst fans. I have been following the progress of the "installation of Myst V on Intel Mac" topic for some time. Seems to me that the topic is going around in circles! First the Terminal method, then fixing the official patch, and now back to the Terminal. I believe it's time to step back and review the position we find ourselves in. At the risk of upsetting the huge band of Terminal supporters, I offer the following comments.

    Seems that for every person who successfully applies a method, be it using the Terminal or using the patch, another is experiencing significant trials trying to achieve the same result. This lack of consistency suggests that some just don't fully understand what they're doing and this can lead to mistakes and confusion. No disgrace in that! Anyone can make a mistake... after all, we're human! The only way to eliminate this inconsistency is to automate the process as much as possible.

    The next issue is which method offers the best chance of a simple and complete installation... Terminal or patch? To identify this, we need to understand how both methods handle the original problem... the Myst V DVD's Installer crashing with a "getPartitionNames" error dialog.

    Put simply, the official patch eliminates the error from the installation process, allowing a complete installation, while the Terminal method targets the response to the error, rather than its elimination... the error still occurs, but without the warning message! This results in a compromised installation... notably start up and sound issues. (chmod anyone?)

    By its nature, the Terminal method, while an effective bug fixer, was always only going to be a viable workaround solution until such time as the official patch became available to all. These bugs simply don't occur with the patch!

    Now that the issue of applying the patch to all DVD versions, not just the "Limited Edition (US)" version, has been resolved, that time has arrived and we can make an informed decision on how to proceed.

    A comment was posted recently asking the eternal question... what is the final fix?

    The short answer... forget the Terminal method, fix the patch, then use the patch!

    So what do we need to do to perform the installation?

    1. Download the "myst5_mac_intel_installer.dmg" patch to your computer (it's available from patches.ubi.com).
    2. Create a script to automate the patch modification process (see below).
    3. Insert your Myst V DVD into your Mac's DVD drive.
    4. Run the script.

    Important note for Snow Leopard (10.6) users:
    If you haven't already done so, you need to install the Rosetta software... it's available as an optional install from your Snow Leopard installation disc.
    Rosetta enables PowerPC applications, such as Myst V, to run on Intel Macs.
    You cannot install the game without it... so if necessary, install Rosetta, restart your Mac, then proceed with the installation.
    This isn't an issue for Tiger (10.4) and Leopard (10.5) users as it's installed on those systems by default.

    Which brings us to the next question... how to automate the process to fix the patch?

    I have created a script, adapted from steps identified by Cmdr_Oolite, to perform this modification automatically (see installation instructions below). It provides the advantage of an easy to use and consistent solution to the problem, removing all possibility of human error.

    The script is completely self contained. It will advise you when it's done or if there's any reason why it can't run. Once compiled, the script takes less than 5 seconds to complete its task!

    Most of what the script does is fairly self explanatory. A few comments have been added to explain some sections. (You can leave the comments in... they have no impact on the running of the script.)

    Important: Copy all of the following text as one selection (this preserves the line breaks required for the script to compile correctly)...

    tell application "Finder"
    set diskFolderName to name of every folder in folder "Myst V EOA:setup:" as text --"setup" folder contains only 1 folder at top level
    on error --no disk in drive
    display dialog "Please insert your "Myst V End of Ages" DVD." & return & return & "Wait for the icon to appear on your desktop, then try again." buttons {"Quit"} default button 1
    return false
    end try
    if (file "Myst V Installer Patcher.app" of folder "Desktop" of home exists) is false then
    duplicate application file "Myst V EOA Installer Patcher:Myst V Installer Patcher.app:" to folder "Desktop" of home
    eject disk "Myst V EOA Installer Patcher"
    on error --installer disk image not mounted
    display dialog "The "Myst V EOA Installer Patcher" disk image needs to be mounted on your desktop." & return & return & "Double click the "myst5_mac_intel_installer.dmg" file, then please try again." buttons {"Quit"} default button 1
    return false
    end try
    end if
    end tell

    set scriptPath to (path to home folder as text) & "Desktop:Myst V Installer Patcher.app:Contents:Resources:Scripts:Myst V Installer Patcher.scpt"

    set scriptRef to open for access scriptPath
    set fileContents to read scriptRef --extract script contents
    close access scriptRef

    set replaceText to false

    if (offset of diskFolderName in fileContents) > 0 then --Patcher matches disk
    set installGame to "Please double click the "Myst V Installer Patcher" icon located on your desktop to install the game."
    tell application "Finder"
    if replaceText is true then
    display dialog "Patcher update completed successfully." & return & return & installGame buttons {"Done"} default button 1
    display dialog "Patcher update not required." & return & return & installGame buttons {"Done"} default button 1
    end if
    end tell
    exit repeat
    else -- Patcher doesn't match disk
    set invalidFolderName to "60f3b48b952a00f915ae4b48fe453c29" --the patcher reference error!
    set textLocation to offset of invalidFolderName in fileContents

    if textLocation > 0 then --expected version of Patcher
    set replaceText to true
    if textLocation > 0 then
    set frontText to text 1 thru (textLocation - 1) of fileContents
    set endText to text (textLocation + 32) thru -1 of fileContents
    set fileContents to frontText & diskFolderName & endText
    set textLocation to offset of invalidFolderName in fileContents
    exit repeat
    end if
    end repeat

    set scriptRef to open for access scriptPath with write permission
    set eof scriptRef to 0
    write fileContents to scriptRef --replace script contents
    close access scriptRef

    else -- unknown version of Patcher
    tell application "Finder" to display dialog "Patcher update failed!"
    exit repeat
    end if
    end if
    end repeat

    Please don't be put off by the size of the script! It's designed to check that you've got everything you need to perform the installation, plus by automating the entire modification process, it preserves the integrity of the Installer Patcher. More importantly, it guarantees that the patch will work with any version of the Myst V DVD!

    Creating the script on your computer is a simple copy and paste operation... open the "Script Editor" application, copy the script text into it, then compile it.

    For most, this is all the instruction they will need. For those who prefer a step by step approach, I offer the following very basic set of instructions:

    With your mouse, do the following... it should only take a couple of minutes to complete:

    1. Click and drag to select all the script text, from "tell application Finder" to the last "end repeat".
    2. Choose "Copy" from the Edit Menu... puts the text on your Mac's clipboard.
    3. Open the "Script Editor" application... it's in your /Applications/Applescript folder.
    4. Choose "Paste" from the Edit Menu... inserts the text in the top pane of the Script Editor window as single colour plain text.
    5. Click the "Compile" button to reformat the text... the text changes to a multi coloured display. (If not, the script hasn't been copied accurately. Delete the text from the "Script Editor" window, return to step 1 and repeat the process.)
    6. Choose "Save" from the File Menu... compiles and saves the script, ready for use. (By default, the Save dialog saves the script as a compiled script. Just give it a meaningful name, or use the default, and click "Save". Where you save the script is unimportant, however, you may wish to keep it with the downloaded patch for future use if necessary.)

    Once you have created and compiled the script on your Mac, and downloaded the patch, you are ready to begin installation of the game... for the purpose of the installation, we will refer to this script as the "Modify Patcher" script.

    Note: You don't need to, and shouldn't, copy anything to the desktop... the script copies the Patcher application and the Patcher copies the DVD's files.

    Installation is a no brainer... just run the script and follow the on screen instructions!

    In summary, the installation process goes like this. The script creates and then modifies a copy of the installer patcher, which then patches a copy of the DVD's installer, which then installs the game, following which the sound files are decompressed.

    The complete installation process is explained below:

    Step 1. Modify the "Myst V Installer Patcher".

    Run the "Modify Patcher" script... click the "Run" button in the "Script Editor" window. (If you've closed the script, you need to double click the script file to reopen it.)
    If you haven't already done so, the script will instruct you to:
    - insert your Myst V DVD into your computer's DVD drive and/or
    - double click the "myst5_mac_intel_installer.dmg" file to mount the "Myst V EOA Installer Patcher" disk image on your desktop.

    Within seconds you will see a dialog advising you that the modification is complete!
    Click "Done" and you're ready to install the game.
    The "Modify Patcher" script has now completed its task... feel free to quit the "Script Editor" application.

    The script performs its task very efficiently. The only action you see is the appearance of a modified "Myst V Installer Patcher" on your desktop and the ejection of the disk image. The modification itself is done as an "invisible" background process.

    Note: The original Patcher is not modified, only the copy the script creates on your desktop... be sure to use this copy to install the game.

    Step 2. Install the game using the modified "Myst V Installer Patcher".

    Some fans seem confused by the installation process as related to using the Patcher.

    The entire installation process is controlled by the Patcher. Please allow it to do its job!
    The Patcher performs 4 steps:
    1. Copies the DVD's files to your hard drive, then ejects the DVD... this takes about half the process time.
    2. Patches the installer.
    3. Runs the patched installer.
    4. Runs the Myst V Sound Decompressor...(actually launched by the patched installer).
    Expect the whole process to take up to 12 minutes.

    Note: You will need administrator status to run the Patcher.

    Double click the icon of the modified copy of the "Myst V Installer Patcher" application located on your desktop.
    An opening dialog summarizes what the Patcher will do. Select "Patch" to continue the process.
    A progressive dialog is maintained by the Patcher throughout the installation and will quit automatically when finished.

    The DVD's files are copied to a temporary disk image... this won't appear on your desktop until after the Patcher automatically ejects the DVD.
    Patching of the installer then takes place.
    When completed, the modified installer is launched and displays the first of the standard installation screens... a second Myst V Installer icon appears in your dock.
    Work your way through each screen... I recommend you accept the default installation into your Applications folder and choose the "Typical" installation option.
    After clicking "Finish" in the final screen, the installer closes.
    The Myst V Sound Decompressor is launched and a dialog appears with a progress bar tracking the decompression process... a generic application icon appears in your dock.
    At the same time, the Patcher displays a dialog announcing that installation is complete... be warned, this dialog appears after the Sound Decompressor is launched but prior to the sound decompression process being completed! You can clear the dialog (the disk image is automatically ejected), but be sure to allow the sound decompression process to finish before taking any further action! The Sound Decompressor application quits automatically when finished.

    The completed installation leaves you with a "Myst V End of Ages" alias on your desktop. The game itself is in a "Ubisoft" folder in your chosen destination... by default, your Applications folder. There is also a "Myst V End of Ages" folder in your home/Library/Application Support folder and a "mystvintel.log" document in your home/Library/Logs folder. Finally, you will find an additional document in your home folder, named "vpd.properties". I don't know what it actually does, except that if you ever need to reinstall the game, this document must be deleted. For this reason, I recommend you move this document into your "Ubisoft" folder.

    You can now remove the Patcher and the "Modify Patcher" script if you wish.

    Macs have a reputation for ease of use and "it just works" and this solution supports that ethic. A single mouse click will automatically match the official patch to your Myst V DVD and a double click will initiate the installation process... it just takes a little longer to complete the process. How simple is that?

    Ubisoft has done all the hard work by providing a user friendly patch that produces an error free installation. All I've done is provided a simple, but effective, way to make it accessible to all users with a DVD version of the game... if you can select a block of text, then you can use the patch!

    There is no logical reason for the installation to fail, however, if you do experience any problems, check out the revised section of my next post (dated 23 December) for some useful clues.

    Any problems you encounter while playing the game will likely be compatibility issues, most probably with video cards and/or drivers. These type of issues have nothing to do with the game's installation! Ubisoft's support for Intel Macs is limited to installing the game. They offer no support for hardware and OS upgrades that may cause compatibility issues. That's a topic for another forum!

    I guess the question you've really got to ask is... is it worth giving this solution a go? If it doesn't work for you, you've lost maybe 15 minutes... but what if it DOES! Hopefully this posting can bring some closure to the frustration endured by Myst fans unable to install the game on their Intel Macs.

    My version of the game is the "Myst V Collectors Edition" - Australia. It has been successfully installed, and played (not finished yet!), on a 2.66 Ghz iMac (2008 model) running OS X 10.5.8.

    As I'm not a frequent internet user, I have tried to make this post as complete as possible. However, if you have any questions, I will be pleased to answer them next time I'm online. Thanks for your patience.
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    Thanks for posting, but when I ran the script I got a message telling me that my patcher did not need modification and that I should run it. When I do, I get the usual applescript error. I've tried everything I can think of, and all of the Terminal methods for installation. Went through that whole 5 page thread on Mac installation, no dice. I got a partial installation finally, but it only installed about 8 mb of stuff before the installer gave up with a list of errors. Aiee!

    2.66 ghz core 2 duo iMac, OS X 5.8.

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    Hi Nick. Thanks for your response.
    Did you get the "Patcher update not required" message the first time you ran my "modify patcher" script?
    If so, are you trying to install the "limited edition (US)" version of the game?

    Editor's Note: I've revised the remainder of this post in the interests of making it more user friendly for everyone...

    Just a quick word about the known applescript error... it refers to the name of the folder you see when you open the "setup" folder located on your Myst V DVD.
    This folder exists on all DVD versions of the game, but unfortunately the name varies between versions... I suspect that there are only two variations but there may be more.
    The problem with the official patch is that it targets only one of the variations, meaning that it can't find the same folder on some versions of the DVD... and the patch crashes with the familiar applescript error message.
    The script overcomes this error by comparing the patch to your DVD, then modifying it, if necessary.

    Before I can give you advice specific to your case, I need to establish the relationship between the patch and your version of the DVD.

    Run the "modify patcher" script on the patch again. Only this time, select "Event Log" in the bottom pane of the script editor window before you run it.
    The Event Log records the actions performed by the script, and their results... including the status of the Installer Patcher script before and after running the script.
    For now, I'm only interested in one small section of the log.

    After running the script, scroll to the top of the event log and look for the following lines (the second line is the name of the folder on your DVD... yours may differ from that shown here):

    get name of every folder of folder "Myst V EOA:setup:"

    Please post a copy of the same section of your log. I'll get back to you when I can.

    In the meantime, consider these options:

    - By default, the script relies on a desktop copy of the "Myst V Installer Patcher" application to make the comparison between the patch and your DVD... if the copy on your desktop wasn't created by the script, delete it before running the script.

    - The script only modifies the copy located on your desktop, it has no effect on the original... for this reason, it's important to use this copy to install the game.
    Note: The original is only available if the patch's disk image is mounted on your desktop.

    - Download a fresh copy of the patch (it should be 336KB)... I got my latest version in November 2009 from the ubi.com home page (then go support/patches/myst v end of ages/). It may be that you have a corrupt copy.

    Other than that, remove all traces of Myst V from your computer and start over.

    Hope this gives you some clues to your problem.

    I'm keen to get to the bottom of this, so please let me know how you get on.

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    I tried about everything, and after i read this thread, i deleted everything of myst v end of ages.
    downloaded a new patch
    did ur script
    it also gave the message that a patch was not nescesary ( dunno how it's spelled, i'm dutch)
    but i still tried the patch, after copying everything to my desktop (?)
    did the patch, but it immediatly said script exited with zero status, or whatever
    it still continues to patch
    and after a while it ejects the disk
    then it gives the same error message
    and the patch continues
    but it doesn't respond or whatsoever
    i didn't closed it for 3 hours, but nothing changes, so i closed it...
    it still doesn't work
    nothing is diffrent now =s
    any help?
    i'd really like to play it =p
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    oh and about the event log from the script, i don't understand anything of it =s

    here it is?


    i really need help with this-_-
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    Hi Jappermenu

    I've looked at the upload of your event log. Unfortunately the log hasn't been faithfully reproduced... some key info is missing.
    However, I've seen enough to know that the script needs to modify the patch... you have the same folder name on your DVD as I do.

    What is unusual is an error code within the event log... doesn't effect the script though.

    What version of Mac OS X are you using?
    What type of Mac are you trying to install on?

    When you remove all traces of Myst V, also remove the copy of the "Myst V Installer Patcher" that is on your desktop... don't just look in your home folder and Applications folder, check your MacintoshHD folder as well.

    You appear to have copied the script OK, so that's not a problem... keep the script.
    You can keep the patch you've downloaded... the ".dmg" file only.

    These are the only items you should have on your Mac that relate to the installation process... neither of these files need to be on your desktop.

    Start with nothing on your desktop, except the standard Finder window and any icons that you normally have on your desktop.

    Do not insert your Myst V DVD or mount the patch's disk image until instructed by the script to do so.

    Double click the script file to open it in a Script Editor window. Click "Run" and follow the instuctions exactly that the script gives you.

    The first will be to insert your DVD.
    Click the message's "Quit" button, perform the action required, then run the script again.
    The second instucts you to double click the ".dmg" file.
    Repeat the process as for the first message.
    When you run the script for the third time, you should get a final message that "Patcher update completed successfully"... if it's anything else then we have a problem.

    At this point, the only extra items on your desktop should be the DVD's icon and a copy of the "Myst V Installer Patcher" application icon.

    Stop here and get back to me to confirm you've achieved this result. I'll then take you through the actual installation.
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    i have snow leopard, 10.6.2

    its a intel imac, from 2009 (arround march)
    2.66 GHz intel core 2 duo
    4GB 1067 MHz DDR3

    lemmy try this out..
    Thanks for helping me that much =o
    cya in 10 mins
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    ok ok, this is working
    dunno how it came last time
    but nvm, now i have it, patcher update completed succesfully
    i'll leave it like this until u answer on this thread
    i won't turn off my pc =p ** that'll take a wile scince i c u only answer after 20:00 =p**
    and thanks

    oh right now i get it
    at first i deleted everything, like now
    but then i first inserted the dvd, and mounted the patch immediatly
    then ran the script..
    would that be the problem?
    japper =p
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    ... hellooo?

    i need help with this
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    Hi Jappermenu.

    Sorry about the delay. I'm actually running 20 hrs ahead of the published time. I'm only going online every 2-3 days at the moment to give you plenty of time to do something.

    Back to the problem.

    It's OK to insert the DVD and mount the patch before running the script. I just wanted to make sure there was nothing unexpected on your screen and that the script was able to create the copy and eject the disk image OK.

    You have me at a disadvantage in that I'm still running Leopard, but we'll press on.

    Have you got the Rosetta software installed? You'll need it with Snow Leopard. It's on your installation disc.

    Once you've confirmed Rosetta is installed, you can proceed.

    If you haven't done so, close the script editor application (I assume you've cleared the "patcher update completed successfully" dialog!)
    ... this is purely to get unnecessary clutter off your desktop so you can see things.

    The modified "Myst V Installer Patcher" located on your desktop is what you will use to install the game... don't fall for the trap of mounting the patch again and using the original!

    Double click the modified copy on your desktop and cross your fingers!

    From this point on, all you should do is click buttons as appropriate. Refer back to my opening post for a description of what to expect. (By the way , I'm doing some minor editing on that post to clarify a few points... thanks for your input!)

    If the installation fails again, make a note of where the installation fails... the options are downloading installer,patching installer or waiting for installer to finish (you'll be going through the standard installation screens if you get this far). If you crash with an applescript error message, please make a note of what the message says.

    If it does fail, it's got to be something to do with Snow Leopard, and unfortunately I can't help you with that at the moment.

    Good luck!

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