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    Hi All;

    I picked up a copy of SH3 on a whim from a discount bin at Walmart. Always wanted to try a subsim, never found a cheap enough copy, couldn't afford the new stuff.

    Anyway. Wow. I have never been both obsessed and frustrated at the same time. I love it. But I suck at firing torpedoes. (and I'm finding that my weapons officer is almost as bad as I am at plotting firing solutions). I decided to start in '39 to have a relatively freehand in unarmed merchant target practice, but alas, my first partrol happened to stumble across one of the few armed escorted ships..and well the rest is lying at the bottom of the atlantic.

    My only issue so far is that for such a complex game, it has a very threadbare instruction manual, so it's been a whole lot of searching the internet for good training materials.

    Anyway. Just wanted to say hi and introduce myself. Once I get the hang of things I plan on upgrading to Grey Wolves, but I figure I should at least learn how not to die first.
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    Welcome aboard, Kaleun!

    I have an original retail boxed version, which came with paper documents. Since then, various budget versions have been released. Many newcomers lament the lack of documentation, but there is no need to fret. Look at the top "sticky" thread in this forum, at the top of the page. There is a "useful links" section in which you will find a link to an online manual, as well as other useful information.

    And don't be afraid to ask questions. We were all newbs at some point. This game has tremendous depth, but also a steep learning curve for some folks. As well as perusing links, I'd suggest you watch the film, "Das Boot" once or twice. That film will give you some idea of the "atmosphere" of the game.
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    Welcome to the SH Forums, PAulie76. HAppy to have you join the fleet.

    As Kaleum1961 says, if you have questions feel free to ask away, there is always somebody around these forums who will have an answer for you.
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    Thanks for the welcome!

    I decided to take a bit of the workload off and installed the voice recongnition mod. Holy Heck is that ever FUN! (Except my dog now looks at me a little strange, but oh well...he'll get used to it.) Shouting out commands is quite possibly the most immersive experience I have ever had on a video game, simply astounding.

    And I've actually watched Das Boot a couple of hundred times (One of my favorite films), so no problems with the atmosphere at all.

    As an update, I finished off my first patrol, promptly returned to port and hired myself a competent weapons officer, so the targeting should be improving.
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    Sounds like your on the right path, Paulie76.
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    Despite a somewhat inefficient use of torpedoes ( only 3 ships downed with my entire complement of torpedoes), I nonetheless declare My 2nd patrol a success.

    Patrol Sector : AM24
    Ships Sunk: 3
    Patrol Tonage: 12,945 tons
    Crew Losses: 0
    One tiny bit of easily repaired damage resulting from an accidental crash dive in shallow water just as I left port (whoops)

    Throwing a rookie into a patrol right in the middle of allied air coverage wasn't exactly what I had in mind when I chose to start in 1939. What resulted was a whole lot of night attacks, and a whole lot of time crawling underwater slowly to conserve battery during the daytime, and a flank run at night on the surface until I was back in safer waters.
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    Welcome aboard
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    One tiny bit of easily repaired damage resulting from an accidental crash dive in shallow water just as I left port (whoops)

    I think most, if not all, of us here have done that on our first or second patrol

    Welcome aboard!
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    Welcome aboard Paulie76

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