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    you will have you usely ones like won the game,kill the 9,help some with a side quest. but what would be other ones eg kill 10 gurds with out dieing. what are your ideas?
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    In splinter cell, there's one that you have to complete a mission without being detected. Maybe there will be one like that here, assassinate your target without raising alarm beforehand.

    Also, Ubisoft said that you can have upgraded or new weapons. Maybe there'll be one to collect all of those.
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    One for doing all of the side missions
    One for exploration (Find all the shrines hidden in the city, or something)
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    I like achievement points one would possably earn without knowing what he needed to do to earn them. For example, in Crackdown, one of them is keeping a car in the air for 6 seconds. Why the heck whould I do that? Compare to Oblivion, where every achievment is earn simply by rising through the ranks of the guilds and completing the main quest. Don't have to join the guilds, but most people will. Beating the main quest, not as likely. =]


    That said, About 200-250 will probably be earned simply by doing what NEEDS to be done to finish the game. Probably another 200 for fully upgrading your weapons/getting the bonus items. The rest will probably be like Annux912 said: performing some missions in a different manner (maybe stealthier, maybe more "brute force"). Hopefully some cool ones like scaling a perticularly tall building, killing a person without using a weapon, etc. Nothing too stupid.
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    oh i got 1 more, make it out of the city with in 60 sec - 3 mins (after a assassinasion) maby 50-200 pionts
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    kill 50 guards-50 points
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    perhaps, there will be some time races like in crackdown.. but. achievements for killed people in the main quests suck. i hope there will be some interesting achiev.
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    another, could be racee across rooftops, as fast as possible or complete the game in a time limit like under 4 hours game time. Or dont get caught, run for 5 mins (like need for speed) and evade capture.
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    I'm not sure if it's possible but maybe it could be your playstyle, like if u complete a mission from rooftops and all that skulking around the city stuff, if u do that alot u could get an achievement or if ur one to go crazy and kill em all etc etc
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    yeah maybe like find the assassins houses (i dont know the name of it at the moment) because i heard jade saying dont know on what interview it was but she said that youll have to find the those houses.. so maybe theres something like that, that you have to find all of them
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