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    I am still having the same problem as everyone else is having and was wondering could it by chance be something in the software program that is not allowing you to play it and to freeze up. Please let me know.
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    Chessmaster 5500 is 13 years old. In computer terms, that's ancient; so getting to run on XP or Vista is extremely doubtful.

    Why not join the 21st century and upgrade to Chessmaster 10th Edition or Chessmaster Grandmaster Edition?
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    Originally Posted by JITHU Go to original post
    CM 5500 smartbrd.vxd conflict in windows xp
    my problem on win7 solved just now by edit cmsound.ini

    Go to the installation folder.
    Delete the sounds folder.
    Edit cmsound.ini.
    Change sounds=voice to sounds=simplified OR sounds=none
    Change InfoVoice=1 to InfoVoice=0
    Change IVAVoice=1 to IVAVoice=0
    Change NLAVoice=1 to NLAVoice=0
    Change TutorialVoice=1 to TutorialVoice=0
    Save your changes.

    credit : https://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Chessmaster_5500

    so happy to play cm5500 again
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